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Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Prince Muhammad Dara ioned. Work No. MAJMA’-UL-BAHRAIN. TEXT AND TRANSLATION. MAJMA’-UL- BAHRAIN OR THE MINGLING OF THE TWO OCEANS BY PRINCE MUHAMMAD . Majma-ul-Bahrain (Hindi: मज्म ‘उल बह् रैन’, Urdu: مجمع البحرین , “The Confluence of the Two Seas”) is a book on comparative religion authored by Dara.

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Ill 10 axid SaJclnat-ul-Aioliyd p.

Professor Haq consulted five Manuscripts of Majma-ul-Bahrain available in different parts of India in preparing the present text. Arabic words and phrases Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. This gradual development of the mental attitude of Bara is a very interest- ing study.

Member feedback about Arabic definite article: I wished I could read it in its original form. We find that Mansur was crucified, Shihabuddin Suhrawardi executed and Sarmad put to death, but time has vindicated their honour.

A, H, K have iil: Unlikely Hero – Om Puri. The Apostleship and the Prophetship.

Majma Ul Bahrain

Dara, as is generally known, was the most loved child of Shah- Jalian and, as such, the Emperor did not like to lose his company by sending him to distant provinces. Every one on it rmist pass away.


Could he in his time and in his circumstances have said more than he did in this work without danger of dire consequences?

DIeI Shikuh as a Poet. For details see TadJihirat-ul-Awliya.

Member feedback about Ibn Taymiyyah: This rule by proxy could hardly make him experienced. It is difficult to decide where to begin inn this study: Mukt is oi three kinds: Shivaprasad P marked majm as to-read Nov 22, Please note that your card will be active in the system for 30 days. Nuri was bom at Baghdad and died in A. Einally, I thank Mr.

Majma-ul-Bahrain | Revolvy

I have collated MS. In his Hasanat-ul-‘ Arif in, which he completed in A. You won’t believe what some items have looked like when they’ve arrived! According to baheain Muslims also, tlie earth has seven layersas contained in the Holy verse: For further particulars regarding his life and teachings see TadhhiraPul-Awliyd, ed, Nicholson, vol.

Majma Ul Bahrain Mingling Of Two Oceans

The very Introduction, which he has begun with the p aise of God, the Prophet, his companions and the descfendants, will belie such a presumption, and a careful perusal of the later chapters will show that he was a Muslim through- out. By God, He is all and, verily by God, He baharin all.


A adds and R adds.: And the self that was determined in Eternity Past is known as Ruh-i-A’zam or, the Supreme Soul and is said to possess uniform identity with the Omniscient Being, Now, the Soul in which all the souls are included is knovn as mramatma or Abul-Arwah i. A omits S;Uf ; 6. Several Muslim rulers “ordered the translation of various Sanskrit works into Persian in order both to satisfy their own intellectual curiosity and to increase Musilim understanding of Hinduism” there was no doubt that the Maktab Khana, a translation bureau of Akbar, “helped considerably to change the Muslim perception of Hinduism.

Now, Apostleship and Saintship is of three kinds: