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The MagicQ software includes the latest heads (personalities). To download an updated set of heads for your MagicQ install, refer to the instructions below. This manual is designed for operators of the MagicQ to help them quickly and effectively learn how to use the system. It has been written by. Magicq user manual • Read online or download PDF • ChamSys MagicQ User Manual User Manual.

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ChamSys :: Download MagicQ

Simple Generic Console 3. DMX Channels View Inter Console Messaging Viewing Cues and Magiicq Stacks Timecode from Winamp Pan and Tilt Offsets 7.

Table of Contents 1. Creating a curve Synchronisation can be set for individual playbacks, or for all 10 main playbacks.


To make a single system a backup for another system set the universes to Hot Takeover only on the slave console. Full Screen View This means that, for example, when using two consoles, one for generic lights and one intelligent lights — pressing a Swap button on one console will affect both consoles. Take Control and Release Control can be used to swap which magiqc is the Master.

Importing and Exporting the FX Library Using the Scene Setter Removing attributes from Palettes Group based FX Using the Grid view in the Outputs Window Direct Modification of Intensities in Mabual Selective Channel Control Regardless of which console is actually controlling maual universes the Master Prog console will remain in control of the master show file. List of Tables Saving and Loading Settings Care of your MagicQ console 1. Copy between heads MagicQ software and consoles 1.

If this setting is incorrect then Hot Takeover will not work correctly. Playback Sync modes Capturing Palettes from DMX input The other console becomes the Slave. Technician Test Fixture 3.


Heads with multiple elements 7. Unpatching a Head from a DMX magiccq 7. Manual configuration of Playback synchronisation Manual configuration of Selective Channel Control. Automatic backing up of shows from other consoles Connecting a MagicQ Playback Wing 6.

Chamsys magicq mini wing manual meat ** – AP Accademia

Setup, Cue Stack Defaults, Fader Activation by Channel or by Head? Inverting and Swapping 7. Split Cue Times