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In a study on ponds in the Golestan Province, Iran, a number of shrimps was caught and identified as Macrobrachium nipponense. Due to the. A population of the Oriental River Prawn Macrobrachium nipponense is recorded from Anzali Lagoon, along the shores of the southern Caspian Sea in Iran, with. The oriental river prawn (Macrobrachium nipponense) is mainly distributed in East Asia. The phylogeography, population genetic structure and.

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Free fatty acid content was expressed as percent oleic acid [ 10 macrobrachiu, 13 ]. About 45 kg of M. CarcinologyBiology Copyright: But this increase was in an acceptable range.

Three 10 ml aliquots of chloroform filtrate were transferred into pre-weighed aluminum drying dishes and allowed to evaporate the solvent.

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In this study, the results of measuring the protein content of dried shrimp indicated the high macrobrwchium content. Drying under vacuum dryer, gave a beautiful orange color to the sample so that, it was quite effective in absorbing all panel members during sensory evaluation.

It can be changed with the storage temperature, macrpbrachium type, species, fat content and season [ 16 ]. Steps to catch and prepare a dry product from M. Typically, the first qualitative feature of food is considered by the consumer is its appearance and color.

On the other hand, many of the reactions that occur during the thermal process in food can affect their color. The parameters b of length-weight relationship in Alagol, Almagol, Ajigol were 3. Tolerance of Macrobrachium rosenbergii to white spot syndrome virus. The minimum and maximum of egg volume were 0. In general, the values of the macrobrahcium acids of the samples were: The amount of shrimp ash in three drying methods included cabinet-type air, oven and under vacuum dryers was also respectively 9.

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Data are from three replicates of 10 individuals. As well as vacuum packaging is a good method to prevent destructive microorganisms.

The differences in the protein contents of dried shrimp may be attributed to differences in species, nipponenae stage and the season of catching fresh shrimp.

So that the use of the sunshine and drying in the open air are still a common method used to preserve fish and shrimp in most developing countries for the low price of their processing.

Macrobrachium nipponense (De Haan, 1849)

Then it was filtered on a Buchner funnel through Whatman No. Crude lipid was extracted from the shrimp in Soxhlet extractor Behr, Labor-Technik, Germany using petroleum ether.

Its price is heavily dependent on its quality. Also, only in the third month there was a significant difference between the type of drying methods especially in cabinet-type air and under mmacrobrachium dried samples. The results of measuring FFA in terms of oleic acid content are given in Table 3. It also took much time to dry the specimens. The special danger of viral pathogens in shrimp translocated for aquaculture.

In general, the results showed that the type of drying procedure along with the appropriate packaging such as metalize films had a great effect on maintaining the quality and shelf-life of cleaned and dried shrimp meat.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Histological changes in cuticular epithelial cells after WSSV infection. However, the storage time, except in dried samples by the oven, did not affect other samples.


White spot syndrome baculovirus WSBV detected in cultured and captured shrimp, crabs and other arthropods. Among three lagoons, the most EC was 5. On the other hand, Niamnuy et al. In the injection test, the mortality was found to be dose-dependent. Molt stage and cuticle damage influence white spot syndrome virus immersion infection in penaeid shrimp.

Then, 1 ml of them moved into the sterile plates. Sign in to annotate. The high contents of ash in dried shrimp of M. It shows in all lagoons for male and female growth is positive Allometric.

The brown index content in the cabinet-type air dryer was low, that means these samples were darker. A blank containing all reagents except the sample was titrated. Sensory evolution of dried shrimps by three methods cabinet-type air, oven and under vacuum dryers during 6 months storage at ambient temperature. In general, the amount of FFA increased with increasing time, but no significant difference was observed between the samples.

Finding the correct methods, especially for the production of dry seafood that sometimes use as snacks is essential.

Metalized polyethylene films are widely used for decorative and food packaging. The statistical analysis was performed using the SAS software. To small blender jar, was added 10 g sample, 50 ml chloroform and 50 ml methanol.