M107 175MM PDF

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For data and forecasts on current programs please visit www. or call +1 April M mm Self -Propelled Gun -. The M mm self-propelled Gun was largely deployed in NATO areas and its ammunition was commonly used throughout NATO forces. One such artillery piece is the M self-propelled howitzer. This mm artillery piece entered service in , alongside the M

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175mm Self-Propelled Gun M107

The remainder of the crew rode in accompanying M tracked cargo carriers or M FAASVs, some of which carried additional ammunition and supplies. Your email address will not be published. 175mmm Motors 8V71T diesel. The 8-inch howitzer fired a pound projectile almost 17 1m07, plus being the most accurate weapon in the field artillery. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Its ground pressure was 0. There is room for 5 crew members on board.

This speed was also achieved in an M 175mk the U. This impressive range made it m17 valuable weapon for providing an umbrella of protection over large areas. The M has an extremely-low fire rate, a maximum of 2 shots per minute. June 26, at The swage autofrettage process developed and implemented in the late s by contrast, is a significantly less expensive, easier, faster, and safer process that produces much more controllable results and is much better suited to high production rates.

The gunner was in charge of the controls deflection, his assistant of elevation. Enter Your Email Address.

M107 self-propelled gun

The other cannoneers not part of the reduced crewup to nine of them, were in charge of the ammo supply and preparation of the fused, charges, but also aiming stakes, and bore sight, communication, security, and run the M among other tasks. The Section chief operates the hydraulic load and ram, verification with “Gunner’s Quadrant”, as well as operating the rear 175mn and left spade unlock.


Retrieved 15 January Only vehicles were built but widely exported. It was further noted that the lower life tubes were linked to longer timed – lower temperature tempering processes. Temper embrittlement also contributed to brittle failure mode.

M mm Self-Propelled Gun

The M suffered losses during the Vietnam War, with a considerable number of them destroyed by the North Vietnamese troops. Replacing barrel on an M at Camp Carroll Army Recoignition Published on This carriage is attached to 15mm rotating mount at rear of the chassis, while the front of the carriage is attached to a pair of tall, narrow gun carriage cheeks by a pair of long pneumatic struts.

Army from the early s through to the late s. Pacific Car and Foundry company developed a number of prototypes. If the gun was facing hostile artillery, the gun would fire and relocate where these crewmen would reload the M at the new location to avoid enemy counter-battery fire.

It has a ground clearance of 0. M armored recovery vehicle, also uses the same chassis as the M May 31, at 3: The gunner controls deflection the horizontal direction in which the gun is pointing.

When these guns were outranged by rocket fire from Tyrethey were upgraded with the addition of extended range, full-bore ammunition and new powder supplied by Gerald Bull ‘s Space Research Corporation. The M also had its disadvantages. This led the U.


This retubing was usually accomplished by the supporting U. The M was retired from the U.

M mm Self Propelled Gun Photos Page 1

Israeli Romach local denomination for the M The driver located at the front-left hand side, with its own one-piece sliding hatch and three-day sights. The M had quite a prolific career spanning decades, entering service prior the Vietnam war.

Longer tempering times allowed impurities to migrate to grain boundaries. The artillery piece and servants were 715mm protected by a turret-like superstructure but it was quite heavy, at 44 tons, but had a gasoline engine which gave reduced range and could cause possible explosion hazards. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Despite its vulnerability, the M had enjoyed an outstanding combat record.

In general, the higher the strength of the gun steel used in a particular cannon design, the lighter the cannon can be. The M has a larger open working space than the closed space of tank-like self-propelled artillery such as the M howitzer. During the s the standard of US Army motorized howitzer of mm was the M55, based on the chasis and the turret of the M53 self-propelled howitzer of mm gun.

In practice, the Kevlar shields were usually left stowed on the sides of Ms, and were sometimes even thrown away by crews, prior to entering the field.