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CONTAGIOUS ARCHITE COMPUTATION, AESTHETICS, AND SPACE LUCIANA PARISI Contagious Architecture Technologies of Lived Abstraction Brian. In Contagious Architecture, Luciana Parisi offers a philosophicalinquiry into the status of the algorithm in architectural and interaction design. Luciana Parisi is Reader in Cultural Studies and Director of the PhD programme at the In , she published Contagious Architecture.

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Omega def ines an algorit hmically incompressible real number locat ed somewhere bet ween 0 and 1 which at some point in it s calculat praisi f orces t he limit ed resources of any comput er t o come t o a halt.

Speculative Architectures

Added to PP index Total downloads 7of 2, Recent downloads 6 months 2of 2, How can I increase my downloads? There is an awful lot going on in the book, which sees Parisi jump between various empirical encounters and highly abstract conceptual arguments at an exhilarating speed. T his view is very dif f erent f rom t he t opological st andpoint of paramet ricism, t he current global st yle of f luid archit ect ure, which assumes event s as deriving f rom a relat ional cont inuit y bet ween inf init esimal point s of cont ingencies t hat lie out side t he program.

Fazi, “Do Algorithms Have Fun? From the start, in Contagious Architecture, the proposition is this: First —order cybernet ics ref ers t o closed, self – suf f icient syst ems t hat are observable f rom t he out side and t o causal processes, such as cont rol, f eedback, and adapt ion.

Why objects, one might retort? Second-order cybernetics, which Parisi argues constitutes the dominant interactive paradigm of capitalism today, revolves around the idea that the observer is also part of the system and concerns notions of reflexivity, self-organisation, autopoiesis, the contingency of environmental factors, and the indeterminacy of living systems. Second-order cybernet ics, which Parisi argues const it ut es t he dominant int eract ive paradigm of capit alism t oday, revolves around t he idea t hat t he observer is also part of t he syst em and concerns not ions of ref lexivit y, self -organisat ion, aut opoiesis, t he cont ingency of environment al f act ors, and t he indet erminacy of living syst ems.

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Luciana Parisi – Monoskop

Help Center Find new research papers in: Again, far from addressing computation from the outside, it is on the level of computation and within its logic that Parisi seeks to distinguish between preemptive technologies of control, and an aesthetics that would be more open to contingencies, potentialities and unpredictable change.


This page has been accessed 8, times. In so doing, it brings forth the potency of an unlived reality inseparable from computation and lurking in the shadows of the everyday. T he vigour of t he book t ruly comes f ort h in places where Parisi put s f orward new concept s and uses t hem as probes t o get t o somewhere new; such as wit h her t erm sof t ware t hought in Chapt er T hree, which she conceives as a mode t hat is complet ely aut onomous f rom cognit ion and percept ion.

What enables, probes, and unleashes t his urgency t o ret hink t he digit al by speculat ing t hat we do not even know what it can do?

While it would seem reductive to trim her book down to parametric architecture, it nevertheless seems the most tangible and prevalent subject matter. Now, this is not at all to posit a kind of cosmic consciousness.

Omega therefore suggests that there is no codified simplicity at the bottom of complexity. Her interest in interactive media has also led her research to engage more closely with computation, cognition, and algorithmic aesthetics.

Aesthetics and Sustainable Architecture. But the book as a whole engages this problem head on, suggesting that it is in fact precisely the dissolution of that distinction that needs to be addressed.

Elements of SEO Production: Taylor – – Routledge. These space events are actual architectures of relation that define what cannot be reduced to topological control: An Essay in Cosmology, New York: Leaving behind t he t opological schema t hat presumes algorit hms t o be subject ed t o cont inuous, sequent ial order result s and evolving in t ime,1 t he book t urns inst ead t o paramet ricism and t he mereot opological order of event s.

This blog is an attempt to think ‘new materialist’ theory through the spaces and assemblages of my day-to-day. Omega, t hus, is used t o challenge a discret e model of t he universe as well as permit room f or conceiving number out side t he conf ines of f init e, perf ectprecise mat hemat ical models.

Luciana Parisi, Contagious Architecture: Computation, Aesthetics, and Space – PhilPapers

Omega defines an algorithmically incompressible real number located somewhere between 0 and 1 which at some point in its calculation forces the limited resources of any computer to come to a halt. You are commenting using your Facebook account. T he lat t er cont ent s t hat a logic and reason are becoming aest het ic operat ions def ined by algorit lucana prehension, and b incomput abilit y and a new f orm of algorit contagiosu ent ropy i. Andrea Sauchelli – – Nordic Journal of Aesthetics 23 This ambitious and radical idea is related to a diverse set of theoretical discussions.

On Architecture as a Spatial Art.

According to Luciana Parisi, this approach refuses to acknowledge the reality of algorithms as also independent, both abstract and actual entities. But for Whitehead as well as Spinoza, it simply does not follow that thought fundamentally finds its ground in the neurophysiology of the human brain. More t han t his, prehension is here equat ed t o cont agion, as Parisi explains t hat t o prehend is t o be inf ect ed wit h inf init e variet ies of quant it ies but wit houtin t urn, being able t o change t hem.


Although imbued with larisi problematic aspects when seen in relation to the general political and economic environment in which it intervenes, parametric architecture presents important innovations in terms of form and conception.

Incomput able quant it ies are at t he core of t his new algorit hmic logic t hat t he book st rives t o engineer, as discussed in Chapt er One.

Cont agious Archit ect ures belongs t o t his realm of risky t congagiousdissect ing t he ways in which algorit hms might exceed det erminat ion, and, in so doing, daring t o explore a capacit y in t hinking beyond or wit hout decision.

Click here to sign up. Articles from Computational Culture Algorithmic Thought: The content is available under fair use. Contrary to the parjsi of computation in terms of pure instrumental rationalism, Parisi develops the idea that it needs to be conceived in terms of speculative reason.

Log In Sign Up. T he book f ollows t he conject ure t hat t his second int eract ive model, which is also at t he core of digit al archit ect ural processes, does not quit lucianx reach it s f ull pot ent ial and deliver what it had promised: Divided into three long chapters preceded by a relatively short but clear introduction, this book is a demanding read, but it develops many very interesting ideas.

For Parisi, ideal materialism is simply not realist enough, for the simple reason that it refuses to acknowledge the reality of abstraction — or, architecure least, it reduces the abstract to an expression of a concrete substrate. The Mute magazine print archive has its first release for sale as an original, limited edition set of all fifty-one issues of the print versions of the magazine, covering twenty years of publishing from to Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Mereotopology suggests that spatiotemporal entities do not pre-exist but are purely the outcome of prehensions, crucially offering an alternative model of whole-to-parts connection.