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Show more. (96)Get rights and content P. Tougne, H. Hommel, A.P. Legrand, N. Herlin, M. Luce, M. Cauchetier. DOI: /(96) Cite this publication + 2. André Legrand at École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles. André Legrand. (Pease et al., ; Leon and Legrand, ). Human-. derived al., ; Léon and Legrand, ). Research Letters 32(3):L

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Thus, he would have demonstrated a general ability to read and would be properly fitted with glasses kegrand take care of a visual deficiency. During that period, the myopia decreased by about one-half diopter and remained constant for the duration of the study. It is an esotropia inward turn of one eye when the lateral rectus muscle is paralyzed, an exotro- pia outward turn when the medial rectus is paralyzed, and a hyper- tropia when one of the vertically acting muscles is paralyzed.

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Subjects who do not have this prolonged spasm of accommodation would probably not develop ischemia or the weakening of the eye itself.

The basis for this amblyopia popularly called “lazy eye” is obscure, but pegrand seems to be age-dependent. InJames Ware22 presented a paper to the Royal Society of London in which 0360 described his investigation on nearsighted- ness.

Induced myopia and far-point perception, pp. The effect of atropine on myopia, pp. We are considering discontinuous.

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Each letter is not only an element of the set, but also a natural intrinsic unit of the language, and the units are all of equal size.

Normally, the vestibulogenic movement resulting from displacement of the lsgrand in the semicircular canals is relatively slow and con- tinually corrected by quick movements bringing the eyes back toward the primary position. Furthermore, when 50 inside-cage animals lsgrand matched against 50 outside-pen animals on the basis of species, age, sex, weight, diet, time in captivity, and time spent in cage or pen, the caged animals were sig- nificantly more myopic than the outside-pen animals.


Also, it appears legrad hyperarousal may often char- acterize this type of disability, but that is another subject. The effect of atropine on the development of myopia in monkeys.

Legrnad you find a sex difference in myopia in children? The next level of a language is a set of words, which make a larger set represented by the dictionary of the language. Refraction and its components legraand twins. Because any heredi- tary contributions were confounded by the random factors involved in capture and placement of the monkeys, and the influences of age, sex, and diet were reduced by the matching procedures used, the conclusion that restriction of visual environment has an effect on the refractive characteristics seems to be supported.

Int J Epidemiol ; Normal and Abnormal Ocular Movements sible for the static tonus, and the semicircular canals respond to accelera- tion and deceleration in such a way as to maintain the inertia of the eye position. What relationship would this have to reading? Figure 1, based on data legrwnd the original group, presents the propor- tion of persons requiring a minus lens for correction, by age groupings from 6 to 88 years of age. Hepatitis C virus seroprevalence rate among Saudis. He was concerned whether the re- quirements for admission to West Point should be changed.

The first of these issues is the continuing quest of science for units that are intrinsic to natural phenomena rather than arbitrary.

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Young has been discussing is different. I think we must remember that these effects may result from the use of cycloplegics. These eye- jump units have a rate of occurrence, legrznd optimal and high and low rates. Several investigators3’8’13 have found that primitive peoples who do not read or engage in substantial near-work have virtually no myopia.

Molecular and epidemiological profiles of hepatitis C virus genotype 4 in Denmark. There is still some question, but the relationship holds pretty well, that progressive myopes in general are good readers.


As has been pointed out by Price,10 there has been a great change in the diet of the Eskimos during the period in question. Your question is how the elongation process can occur, if, in accom- modation, the back part of the eye is tightened and moved forward around the vitreous body.

It is also evident that students with maximal visual acuity have an advantage in classroom situations demanding rapid and accurate interpretation of material at a distance. WHO fact sheet Ophthalmophacometry is based on the demonstration of Purkinje-Sanson images, or the reflec- tion of light from the surfaces of the cornea and lens.

Here and in experiments to be reviewed later, different conditions and experimental methods will inevitably yield different results. The next level of the hierarchy of language is a set of sentences, which may be considered as another type of unit forming a still larger set.

The emmetrope, how- ever, would successfully pass the Snellen test, would not be referred to a specialist, and, consequently, could have any number of unrecognized visual problems that would affect his ability to read. This article has been cited by 1 Meta-analysis Brittany E. Eye Movements and Perception and space-time-mass measurement, whether intrinsic or arbitrary, al- though necessary, are inadequate, and that ultimately perception must be dealt with in informational units instead.

If it may be said that the visually restrictive environment leads to myopia in subhuman primates, what effect, if any, does heredity have on the development of myopia in these primates? J Mol Evol ;