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Official FAA Data Effective Z. Chart Supplement. AF/D. KSAN Airport Diagram. Airport Diagram. VFR Chart of KSAN. IFR Chart of KSAN. free official U.S. Airport charts and approach plates. Airport Charts[S] Z 06/26/14 – Z 07/24/14 d -TPP ยท AIRPORT DIAGRAM, TAKEOFF MINIMUMS, ALTERNATE MINIMUMS.

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The example flight above has all the correct waypoints. The approach plate is primarily for arrivals onto 09 at Ksann, however it gives an alternate route that will bring us on right downwind in Then, choose the appropriate approach chart, which starts in the correct position, and takes you to the correct runway.

Then, add the mission bay waypoint. The numbers below the waypoints are the maximum altitude that you can be at the waypoints, however remember that atc’ commands take priority over charts. They are pretty simple to use, and you’ll get better at using them the more you do. You’ve now completed your departure, and you’ll need to switch to your arrival charts for KSAN. So now we know how our departure will look like.

KSAN Charts/Plates

So, we know we will need to depart east to get to KSAN. Once you’ve finished your turn, you should be aligned. This will take your east along the coast, which is the direction you want to go. Once your near higher terrain, or when you think your around 4NM away from the airport, turn into finals remember that atc commands take priority over the charts, so if they tell you to extend downwind, do so.



You’ll also need KSAN arrival charts. You’ve just completed your first flight with charts.

We see our parking spot, and find out the active runway. The US region has accurate waypoints, but the European regions does not, so you’ll have to try and use the nearest waypoint.

Hi there pilots This is just a simple tutorial flight on how to use the charts given you can find in IF-Charts. You’ll see that 25L is the runway at the bottom.

Now we have finished using our approach chart; we will need to switch to a instrument approach chart. I hope this tutorial helped, chartts I hope you enjoy using IF-Charts! Remember, choose the departure that takes you in the direction of your departure airport, and choose the arrival chart which starts where you were coming from.

The first chart we pull up is the docking chart, if it is available. Here you can find where you want to taxi, and do so. The star like shapes you can see are the waypoints.

You’ll need the charts for KLAX departure. Learn how to use charts Hi there pilots This is just a simple tutorial flight on how to use the charts given you can find in IF-Charts.


US Airport Charts: KSAN

Tutorial Learn how to use the charts IF-Charts offer. This will put us on right downwind on 27 if KSAN is using 09, you can follow the thicker black line which will drop you onto the ILS approach into Anyway, we want to go east along the coast, so we need to turn.

In this example, the runway we will be taking off ksann is runway 25L. This is because it shows us coming from the Norh West, which is the direction we will be coming from. These two waypoints will take you straight out of KLAX.

In real life, atc tells you what departure and approach to use, but atc doesn’t to that vharts Infinite Flight yet. Make sure you only use visual approaches when the weather is good.

So now your aligned and have touched down, request taxi to parking and switch to your docking or airport chart. Please remember that Infinite Flight does not always have the correct waypoints.