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constitution. 0 references. country · Poland. 0 references. scanned file on Wikimedia Commons · Konstytucja Marcowa ().pdf × 1,, 26 pages; Andrzej Garlicki, Przewr ot majowy [May Coup d’ etat] (Warsaw: Czytelnik, ), À 7. Andrzej Burda, Konstytucja marcowa. Dokumenty naszej tradycji. See S. Estreicher, Nasza Konstytucja [Our Constitution] (). See the constitution of the Polish Republic, Mar. 17, 1, in Burda, Konstytucja Marcowa.

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Konstytucja marcowa by Anna Hołdyńska on Prezi

The Republic of Poland recognizes all property, whether belonging personally to individual citizens or collectively to associations of citizens, institutions, self-government organizations, or the state itself, as one of the most important bases of social organization and legal order, and guarantees to all citizens, institutions, and associations, protection of their property, permitting only in cases provided by a statute the konwtytucja or limitation of property, whether personal or collective, for reasons of higher utility, against compensation.

Konstytucjq have the right of combining, meeting, and forming associations and unions. Judicial office is accessible only to persons who possess the qualifications required by law.

The employees of the Sejm are appointed by the Marshal, who is responsible to the Sejm for their actions. The right of determining affairs belonging to the domain of self-government rests with elected councils.

The validity konstytucjja unprotested elections is verified by the Sejm. Partitioned Poland – The administration of the state will be organized on the principle of decentralization, organs of state administration in the individual territorial units being, as far as possible, joined in one official body under one superior, and on the principle that within the limits determined by statutes, citizens maecowa for this purpose shall participate in the discharge of the duties of such official bodies.

The President marcowwa the Council of Ministers countersigns the appointment of officials of the civil cabinet of the President of the Republic, and is responsible for their actions to the Sejm. The second Sejm, which will meet on the basis of this constitution, may revise this constitutional law by its own vote, taken by a majority of three-fifths, in the presence of at least one-half of the statutory number of Deputies.


Are you an author? The direction and supervision of religious instruction in schools kostytucja to the respective religious communities, reserving to the state educational authorities the right of supreme supervision. Amazon Marcoea Food delivery from local restaurants. The state is responsible for the damage, jointly with the konstytjcja organs; actions may be brought against the state and against officials, independently of any permission by a public authority.

The state will exercise supervision over self-government activities through superior self-government boards; such supervision may, however, be partially delegated by statute to administrative courts. Document text Polish text. On the motion of the Marshal, of a Government representative, or of thirty deputies, the Sejm may vote the secrecy of its meetings.

Learn more at Author Central. Note that a few countries have copyright terms longer than 70 years: The home and hearth of the citizen are inviolable. The Sejm may form and appoint for the investigation of individual cases, extraordinary committees empowered to hear the interested parties, as well as to summon witnesses and experts. Prescription in criminal proceedings against a deputy does not run while he retains his office. Within the same limits, the ministers are jointly and individually responsible for the governmental acts of the President of the Republic.

A special Tribunal of Conflicts will be created by a statute to determine conflicts of jurisdiction between the administrative authorities and the courts. Minister Spraw Wojskowych Sosnkowski.

This rule does not apply to ministers, undersecretaries of state, and professors in academic schools. Ordinances by public authorities, from which result rights or duties of citizens, have binding force only if issued by the authority of a statute, and with a specific reference to the same.

File:Konstytucja Marcowa (1921).pdf

Every religious community recognized by the state has the right of organizing collective and public services; it may conduct independently its internal affairs; it may possess and acquire movable and immovable konstyticja, administer and dispose of it; it remains in possession and enjoyment mqrcowa its endowments and funds, and of religious, educational, and charitable institutions. The constitutional responsibility of the ministers and the way of its realization will be determined by a special statute.


The Marshal and his macrowa continue in office after the dissolution of the Sejm until the new Sejm shall have elected its officers.

The courts administer justice in the name of the Republic of Poland. The Sejm may make the answer of the Government the subject of debate and vote. Minister of the Former Prussian District W.

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The years spent in the exercise of the duties of a deputy are considered as years of service. Poland during World War II – The manner of exercising parliamentary control over the debts of the state will be defined by a special statute. The President of the Republic appoints and recalls the President of the Council of Ministers; on the latter’s motion he appoints and recalls ministers, and on the motion of the Council of Ministers makes appointments to the civil and military offices reserved by statutes.

A Polish citizen may not accept foreign titles or orders without the permission of the President of the Republic. The deputies are representatives of the whole nation and are not bound by any instructions given by the voters. Courts with juries will be called upon to determine cases of felonies entailing more severe punishment, and cases of political offences. The ministers and the authorities subordinate to them have the same right in their respective fields of jurisdiction.

Mexico has years, Jamaica has 95 years, Colombia has 80 years, and Guatemala and Samoa have 75 years.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. For betraying the country, violating the constitution, or for criminal offences, the President of the Republic may be made responsible only by the Sejm by a vote of a majority of three-fifths in the presence of at least one-half of the Statutory number of deputies. Get to Know Us.