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Katakolon is situated on the south-western part of Greece in Peloponnese. It is located 33km [miles] from Ancient Olympia the birth place of the Olympic. Katakolon (Olympia), Greece Port | Map | Locations Katakolon’s proximity to Ancient Olympia, site of the ancient Olympic Games, makes it a very popular. So I googled Katakolon but all it said was that it was a small port and beach town near the city of Pyrgos in the northwest Peloponessos. I looked on the map and.

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Katakolon today is the second most busy cruise port of Greece, after Piraeus port, according to recent statistics. The winery is actually on the Mercouri Estate, one of the oldest family estates in Greece, and they also produce currants Katapolon was known as the center for the export of currants and their own high quality kaatkolon oil. The terminal building is 2-story and has security and administrative facilities.

The site was dedicated to the thunder god Zeus and attracted visitors from all over the world. The katakoon thermal springs of Kastro Kyllini. I feel oatakolon need to thank you so much for your nice comments and review for our Fun Trains Tour!

Katakolon is the port for Olympia, the ancient birthplace of the Olympic Games. Agios Andreas is a lovely little beach and beautiful bay, located in a tinny village with the same name.

Be sure to get a receipt which drivers are required to give by law. Katakolon Museum of Ancient Greek Technology is a small museum situated next to the train aktakolon at the entrance of Katakolon town.

Katakolon Map

The place is the most famous site that tells the history of the Greeks. Katakilon Changes kafakolon Search: By continuing to browse, you agree to our use of cookies. Your email address will not be published. After our visit to the Mercouri Estate, we caught the next train to our last stop — Agios Andreas beach you can jump in and out of the tourist trains with the same ticket.


How long does the train take it sounds great will be there in April on a cruise. Not to imply that Katakolon is a terrible place and you should not go there. Ancient Olympia the birthplace of the olympic games. How could this little hole-in-the-wall port be a stop for these floating cities? The katakollon group of Katakolon was founded in from Mr.

Katakolon (Olympia), Greece Port | Map | Locations

The town’s center of activity was a couple blocks of tavernas, cafes and tourist shops on the waterfront facing the dock.

A return train is available at 3pm. There are also peacocks, cats, dogs, geese, and a goat. Olympia has a small town, the ancient site and a couple of museums. What is it like when thousands of tourists descend on this little port all at once looking for souvlakia or taxis to Olympia?

Most of its products have repeatedly won international awards for their exceptional quality.

The small port town is surrounded by low hills with forests. You can get a taxi for about ten euros though most taxis in Katakolon would rather take you somewhere they can make a lot more than ten euros. The Lighthouse of Katakolon was first opened in Have been looking at what to do and this sounds great. The train station is a small building by the tracks just past the edge of town. The kataoklon Chemoutsi castle just 45min from Katakolon.

Like during my visit to Aegina Island the previous year, I felt that in Katakolon we got to grasp a more authentic side of Greece, not kayakolon easy to see in more manicured places like Mykonos the next stop in our cruise. The cruise port has capacity to handle larger ships at a dedicated pier. Turns out the day we spent in Katakolon was one of my favorites during our cruise experience.

| Main / Katakolon Cruise Port Guide

If you find information that you believe to be incorrect, please advise us be email webmaster cruiseportatlas. Don’t forget to visit the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology. Thanks so much for your support!


You may want to ask ma much it will cost to go round trip if he waits for you. Was kkatakolon train easy to find? Internet Most of the bars and coffee shops in Katakolon along the harbor offer free wifi for customers.

The ride leaves at 9am. This museum comes highly recommended by those who have visited it, especially those people who love machines. There are a lot better ways of spending your time in the Peloponessos then going to Katakalon.

This is the place, where the Olympic games began back in BCE. We visited in late October but the day was really hot and sunny, so we came prepared with our swimming suits — and we were so happy that we did it! Marios the one of our two drivers that you are sitting next to him feels so proud every time tourists come and tell him that they have seen him on internet.

And what about the people who had tavernas and shops in the days before the town’s most famous son, multi-zillionaire Yiannis Latsis, spent his hard earned money to build a port that could accommodate these ships? Unfortunately we arrived on a Katakoloh during a garbage strike that had been going on for a month so our time in Pyrgos was limited to however katako,on it takes to race through the kataklon with the windows rolled up and the AC on to keep the smell out.

The small but important port of Katakolon is a favorite stop of cruise ships and liners which ply the waters of the Mediterranean coasts and the Ionian and Aegean seas.