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Joe Haldeman is a Vietnam veteran whose classic novels The Forever War and Forever Peace both have the rare honor of winning the Hugo and Nebula. Editorial Reviews. From Booklist. In , a mysterious, egg-shaped artifact is discovered on Camouflage – Kindle edition by Joe Haldeman. Download it once. Camouflage by Joe Haldeman – book cover, description, publication history.

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Book cover art by Craig White.

One alien is much more developed than the other as a character. When a nurse seduces it, it learns about sex; when next seduced, the changeling is unaware that it has hurt the woman badly, and in it is sent to a ” private insane asylum “, where it learns a great deal more about the range of human behaviors than a coddled rich boy normally would.

The Last Good Man.

Unlike much of SF, his solid, pragmatic future-view has aged well, and I could see his influence in recent hard-boiled spec-fic like ‘The Expanse’ series. And then it gets to the end, which is not only anticlimatic and rushed, but it has this ridiculous romance plot Haldeman cannot write romance from either a queer or female perspective, and it helps sink the last third of this novel.

The prose is quite spare but the strength in this one is the procedural detail around the exposition of the aliens and the artefact. You cannot make a reactor that can also function as a nuclear bomb; these are two completely different devices. Both felt like they could have used a few more pages to be fully fleshed out.

There have been better novels about aliens on earth. Daedalus Mission, Book Two. An excellent read haldemzn the rather familiar concepts in the opening chapters and highly recommended for anyone who appreciates Haldeman’s other work. Also, if an alien artefact transmutes all the plutonium in a reactor into lead presumably, also taking away the surplus electronsthe reactor will not stop producing power within a millisecond; it has to cool down.


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The chameleon also hunts for other aliens, so that he may enjoy fighting and killing them. Haldeman and Marvano collaborated on adapting the rest of ahldeman novels in the series, and have since gone on to other stories like ‘Dallas Bar’. Firstthe story just pulls you in. Haldeman, of course, puts his own riffs on it – basically, he brings in much more science, and much more of the military, and makes it into a haleeman story as well.

Meanwhile, two alien beings are on Earth – and have been for untold time, changing their shape, way of being – and largely unaware of who and what they are.

Lightspeed Magazine, July This is, again, a highlight of the book’s first half, as not only does it keep things new and exciting, but is czmouflage used as naldeman form of social commentary in that we’re shown the type of person the aliens observe they’ll have to become in order to fit in. And hey, it won the Hugo or Nebula can’t remember which! Unexpectedly, something else happens. Also, it’s impossible to get to a neutron star, and impossible to isolate. I love reading Haldeman’s books and I really should read this one again.

As their parallel trajectories through modern history bring them to the near-future that is the story’s present day, they converge on the experiments in Fiji.

Great ideas, nicely written, compact always good. While it can mimic and learn, it starts off with so little understanding of humanity and its social norms that it’s perceived in its human form to be insane and its lack of humanity and lack of concern over human life is terrifying. Dec 10, Lionel rated it really liked it. Everest, I’m guessing that incense contains no neutronium. The changeling hails from a world of such harsh climatic extremes — its wildly elliptical orbit takes it closer to its sun than Mercury and farther from it than Pluto — that its species has developed the ultimate in adaptability.


For many years, the changeling earns further doctorates in astronomy, astrophysics, marine biology and biotechnology. Jul 24, Don rated it it was amazing Shelves: Russell Sutton owns a small but expert marine research company.

Oct 27, Thom rated it really liked it. The Abyss Beyond Dreams. What makes you human? Despite the coincidence of two shape-shifting aliens of different species happening to be on Earth at the same time, the lack of emotional connection to most of the characters, and the quick-fix of an ending, Camouflage was a fast and enjoyable read. Obviously, the author was exploring human nature in all of its glory and misery – our intellectual and social heights and lows – and it works to a degree.

This difference defines the way they see mankind, and provides an interesting guess at how an outside observer might interpret the greatest hits and horrors of the twentieth century.

Wagner Support SF Reviews. There can only be one Feb 28, Michael Valentine rated it it was ok. Meanwhile, we learn, there are two aliens roaming the Earth, neither aware of the other but alert to the possibility that there may be another. I’ve always liked Haldeman’s characters and his deft portrayals of war so I found this an enjoyable, if fairly brief read. Award in and the Nebula Award for Best Novel in Refresh and try again.

Camouflage by Joe Haldeman

I absolutely loved this book and read it in just one day. You’ve successfully reported this review. This brand new Jimmy freaks everyone out with his strangeness, and despite possessing a highly adaptive intelligence, bad things happen on the road to understanding the complex emotions and social subtleties.

Inthe artifact answers Jan’s tests by tapping back.