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Documents Similar To StormBringer – Règles, 1ère édition Warhammer II JDR- RPG (FR) (d). Uploaded by. garoff · StormBringer – Règles 2ème édition. 1 Old Stormbringer Character Creation Rules Adapted for Elric! or BRP. The greatest .. [Stormbringer][Hawkmoon][JDR-FR] Campagne – Le Pirate Des Mondes. Adventure Module for the Second Edition of Stormbringer by nikoaaman in [ Stormbringer][Hawkmoon][JDR-FR] Campagne – Le Pirate Des Mondes. Uploaded.

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Yyrkoon has regained Mournblade through unknown means and uses it to attack.

Stormbringer (role-playing game)

AndreLynn Willis “et al. List of role-playing games by name — This is a list of role playing games RPGs by name. Imrryr is sacked, though the pillagers’ fate is not much better, being pursued by the golden battle barges and the few dragons who were awakened, led by Dyvim Tvar. Elric gives Mournblade to his kinsman, Dyvim Slorm, and the two men become embroiled in a confrontation between the gods.

Retrieved from ” https: Its most distinctive features are that it has a mind and will of its own, and that it feeds upon the souls of those it kills. Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Use dmy dates from September Stormbringer has a “brother” sword named Mournblade, which was at one time wielded by Elric’s cousin and enemy Yyrkoon. The sword-spirit says to the dying Elric, “Farewell, friend. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Elric and Stormbringer disarm Yyrkoon, and Mournblade disappears. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Elric and Stormbringer kill Yyrkoon, and no further mention is made of Mournblade until it is later stodmbringer that it was recovered by the Seers of Nihrain, to be wielded by Elric’s cousin, Dyvim Slorm.


For a list subdivided by genre, see list of role playing games by genre. Ultimately, Elric’s reliance on Stormbringer proves his undoing: Elric summons others of Stormbringer’s demonic race also in the form of swords to fight etormbringer a number of Dukes of Hell, brought to the Young Kingdoms by Jagreen Lern, theocrat of Pan Tang.

Stormbringer’s hunger for souls is such that it frequently betrays Elric by creating a bloodlust in his mind, turning in his hands and killing friends and lovers. Now there are over hundreds Japanese designed games and several translated games.

Continuing to use this site, you agree with this. The cursed nature of the sword adds to Elric’s guilt and self-loathing, even as he feels pleasure when the stolen lifeforce enters his body. Dictionaries exportcreated on PHP. This powerful enchanted black blade is a member of a demon race that takes on the form of a sword, and as such is an agent of Chaos.

Almost all of Moorcock’s stories about the Eternal Champion include a parallel or analog to Stormbringer, invariably wielded by the Champion.

Stormbringer is a magic sword featured in a number of fantasy stories by the author Michael Moorcock. Mark and share Search through all dictionaries Translate… Search Internet. Generic role-playing game system — A generic role playing game system or universal role playing game system is a role playing game system designed to be independent of setting and genre.

Look at other dictionaries: Stormbringer makes its first appearance in the novella The Dreaming City. This article needs additional citations for verification.


Created by the forces of Chaosit is described as a huge, black sword covered with strange runes carved deep into its blade. Three stormbringfr sibling blades appear in The Revenge of the Rose and many more “brother blades” are seen in the novel Stormbringerbut only Mournblade and Stormbringer are named.


Andre, Steve Perrin, and John B.

Only Elric’s ship escapes, propelled by the aid of his sorcery. Yyrkoon is defeated, and Elric and his cousin return to Stormbdinger. Japanese role-playing games — have been developed since the late s.

I was a thousand times more evil than thou! It is identical to Stormbringer in most regards. Later stories reveal that there are thousands of identical demons, all taking the form of swords.

Stormbringer (role-playing game)

This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. This appears to be a recurrence a favoured Moorcock trope of Atormbringer and Stormbringer’s tale.

We are using cookies for the best presentation stoembringer our site. Unsourced material may be challenged storbmringer removed. For other uses, see Stormbringer disambiguation. Stormbringer disambiguation — Stormbringer may refer to: Hawkmoon was an avatar, like Elric, of the Eternal Champion. Stormbriger of role-playing game artists — This is a list of notable role playing game artists, past and present.

The people in this list created artwork for one or more notable, published role playing game book, miniature, or other product. In StormbringerElric learns that the representatives of Fate, which serve neither Chaos nor Law, recovered Mournblade from the netherworld.

Stormbringer’s edge is capable of cutting through virtually any material not protected by potent sorcery, and it can drink the soul from and thereby kill an unprotected human upon delivering any wound, even a scratch.