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Centrifuge Z The small universal laboratory centrifuge offers a wide range of applications, which covers clinical laboratory requirements,research, as well. FOR. REFIGERATED. BENCH TOP CENTRIFUGE. OP CENTRIFUGE. Z K. Hermle Labortechnik GmbH. Gosheimer Str. D – Wehingen/Germany. Centrifuges to meet your needsMaximum volume ml (4 x ml)Many rotors and adapters available for both swing-out and fixedangle rotors as well as.

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Swing-out rotor with 2 microplate carriers, x g max – Hermle ZZK.

Labnet Hermle Z Max RPM v | eBay

Thermo Sorvall Legend T Centrifuge. Labnet Hermle Z Micro Centrifuge. While a cycle is running ambient air is circulated through the chamber of the micro centrifuge protecting samples temperature from a significant change. These centrifuges accommodate microplates and tubes up to ml in swing-out and fixed angle rotors.

Z Universal Centrifuge ( Hermle LaborTechnik GmbH ) | EVISA’s Instruments Database

Scientiis Shamrock Shelton Scienti. Copyright c www. Ohaus Orbis Orion Owl Separation. Eppendorf MiniSpin Plus Microcentrifuge. Use keywords to find the product you are looking for. Thermo Cytospin 4 Cytocentrifuge. Operation of the centrifuge may be timed, continuous or momentary. A broad speed range and high g-force make them ideal for applications from clinical to molecular biology.


If you have any questions about this microcentrifuges, please don’t hesistate to contact us. This micro centrifuge is ideal for all standard blood collection, standard and deep well microplates, conical and micro centrifuge tubes. Contact Us Your name. Improperly loaded rotors trigger the safety imbalance detection system which stops operation of the centrifuge. Sonics Stahmer Techne Teledyne Cetac.

The Z is powerful, with a max speed of rpm, with a force of x g depending on the rotor. The brushless motor of this micro centrifuge quick accelerates to the preset speed hremle decelerates using dynamic braking, gently slowing to a soft stop so as not to disturb fragile samples. Users can set parameters using the turn knobs located on the front of the machine, with values display on a large easy to see screen.

A digital microprocessor controls all operating parameters including speed and time. Insert 4 x 7ml 13 x mm tube for C or Herjle rotor must order 2 pair. Insert, 4 x 10ml tube 16,17 x mm tube for CC or rotor must order 2 pair. The Hemle Z Micro Centrifuge is microprocessor controlled, with quick, easy programming.

The powerful, induction drive in the Z centrifuges quickly accelerates rotors to the preset speed. Angle rotor, 24 x 1. Insert, 2 x 15ml tube conical without lid for CC or rotor must order hermld pair.


Cycles can be timed, momentary, or set for continuous operation, and users of this centrifuge can also set rpm, and g force.

Insert, 48 x 1. Insert, 1 x 80ml tube or ml tube for CC rotor must order 2 pair. Insert, 1 hermel 50ml conical tube for CC rotor must order 2 pair. Biochrom Biomek BioTek Instrume. Ambient air circulates throughout the chamber of the Z preventing significant rises in sample temperature. A safety imbalance detection system will trigger if there is an improperly loaded rotor, stopping the operation of the centrifuge.

The refrigeration system in the Z K maintains all rotors at the set temperature regardless of rotor speed.

Labnet Hermle Z300 Micro Centrifuge

Argos Hermlw Mini Centrifuge. Swing-out rotor complete with 4 buckets and sealing covers – Hermle ZZK. Shandon Cytospin 3 Centrifuge. Analytik Jena Axygen Barnstead Inter. Two acceleration and deceleration rates can be chosen to protect fragile samples. Overspeed conditions are eliminated by the rotor recognition program which automatically identifies each rotor and limits it to the maximum rated speed.