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Dn. Michael Hyatt teaches through the book Great Lent by Fr. Alexander Schmemann. GREAT LENT. CCHMEMANN. ALEXANDER SCHMEMANN. GREAT. LENT. JOURNEY TO PASCHA on as. This refreshing exploration of our spiritual ” journey. Great Lent. This revised edition of Father Alexander Schmemann’s Lenten classic examines the meaning of Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, the Prayer of St.

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There is much to glean from Fr. Saturdays and Sundays are no exception. Forgive me my sister, since you are new to this — please give proper attribution to any works of art you may use on your blog. The piece that you have posted is by Tatiana Yushmanova and is called Solitude. Alexander Schmemann’s extended essay on the season of Lent is truly a classic. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. While I think some things have changed from his time, much has also remained the same, and the pitfalls he is addressing are often the same that people reject formal Christianity in fear of.

A journey, a pilgrimage! THE seminal work on Lenten spirituality! Cshmemann us make this Lent a real Lent! Alexander Schmemann’s work always has miracles within it.

Great Lent: Journey to Pascha

You are commenting using your WordPress. It was good for a one-time read to help you understand why we do Lent. It explains how lent is a “journey to the Kingdom of Greaat through introspection, reflection, repentence and renewal with the climax being the ressurection on Pascha. The first universal precept is that of fasting. It is the joy of Easter, it is the entrance into the glory of the Kingdom. Definitely a worthwhile read during this Lenten season, and probably re-reads in future Lenten seasons.


I am looking forward to reading this as Schmemahn prepare and participate in my 2nd Great lent and 1st Great Lent as a baptized Orthodox Christian. Sometimes a bit difficult to wade through, but always worth the extra time and work You are commenting using your Twitter account. I wanted to read about how the Ortodox people keep Lent — this book is especially about the day lent no meat, no dairy, no wine and no olive oil they keep before Easter week.

Rather than focusing on “what I’m giving up for Lent”, he highlights the “bright sadness” of this season. This is another liturgical classic from Alexander Schmemann. Reading it during the weeks leading up to Lent seems the most logical, as one can then experience first-hand what Schmemann is writing about. Blogroll A vow of conversation a.

An Introduction to Great Lent- By: Fr. Alexander Schmemann | Milk & Honey

He so clearly outlines the secular way of life to the sacramental living in Orthodox life – although he apparently says far more about this in “for the life of the world” I greatly look forward to reading this! We simply forget all this — so busy are we, so immersed in our daily preoccupations — and because we forget, we fail. Trivia About Great Lent: You don’t have to be Orthodox to profit from this book, as Schmemann is generous with criticisms of his own tradition, as schmfmann as the Western tradition.


Starting with the theological significance of pent Sundays before Lent, highlighting the major features of the season itself, and wrapping up with what it means schmsmann “take Lent seriously” in an age filled with noise, Fr.

Paperbackpages. To ask other readers questions about Great Lentplease sign up. Therefore, I was clueless about the name of the artist, and had no idea where this painting came from.

Change of Life And, last but not least: It makes it possible for us to joyfully affirm: Dec 09, Bill Tucker rated it it was amazing Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? Prayer We must always pray. Feb 22, Astrid rated it it was amazing.

Is it necessary to explain that Easter is much more than one of the feasts, more than a yearly commemoration of a past event? Schmemann considers how to approach Lent.

Its aim is precisely the remembrance of Christ, a longing for a relationship with God that has been lost. At first the natural and selfish man in us revolts against these limitations.

The darkness of Lent allows the flame of the Holy Spirit to burn within lsnt hearts until we are led to the brilliance of the Resurrection.

And, last but not least: Skip to content It is obviously impossible for us to go to Church every day.