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Uses[edit]. Ficus religiosa is used in traditional medicine for about 50 types of disorders including asthma, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy. ABSTRACT: In traditional medicine, medicinal plants have been used for the treatment of various diseases. Ficus religiosa is known to be a. Acharya Bal Krishan has given the following medicinal tips for the use of Peepal: 1. For bleeding diarrhoea: Take soft stems of peepal.

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Tannin, wax, saponin, Leucoanthocyanins. Chemical composition of fruits and leaves eaten by short- nosed fruit bat, Cynopterus sphinx. As a result glutathione yses restored and inhibited the formation of malondialdehyde, proving its anti-diabetic activity along with antioxidant potential You will get rid of impotency and give strength to religioxa body.

Ficus religiosa has been listed as an ” environmental weed ” or “naturalised weed” by the Global Compendium of Weeds Randall, Then inclination to cough, causing him to spit blood. They prefer full sunlight and can grow in most soil typesthough loam is the best.

Please review our privacy policy. An on-line version is also available. The results suggested potential traditional use of F. The study was carried out by various hematological and serological tests.

Chemical composition of fruits and leaves eaten by short nosed fruit bat, Cynopterus sphinx. In Ayurveda, Unani and Homeopathy, this plant serves as important source of medicine.


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The authors are thankful to Prof. Methanolic extract of the stem bark of F.

Proteolytic activity in the genus Ficus. Thereafter aqueous extract of F. Sacred Fig was unintentionally introduced to Israel because of horticulture practices and its associated pollinator wasp was also present in the country by the s, which rligiosa to its widespread distribution. A comparison of the proteolytic activity of the latex of 46 species of Ficus has been done by electrophoretic and chromatographic properties of the protein components and F.

16 health benefits of the peepal tree that you had no idea about – Lifestyle News

In case of a snake bite give spoons of the extracts of Peepal leaves three to four times to reduce the effect of the poison. This suggests that extract showed the analgesic effect probably by inhibiting synthesis or action of prostaglandins In medicinal field, F.

Views Read Edit View history. Wound healing activity of the hydro alcoholic extract of Ficus religiosa leaves in rats. Peepul trees are native to Indian subcontinent and thrive in hot, humid weather.

Ficus religiosa is native to tropical Asiabut it has now been introducedspread and medciinal around much of the world, and in some cases it has become naturalized where its specialist pollinator wasp Blastophaga quadriceps has also been introduced.

Menorrhagia, bright red blood, bearing-down pains in lower abdomen.

Oxidative stress enzymes in Ficus religiosa L.: In Nicaragua and Panama, it is only found in cultivation.


Dietary fiber content of food namely peepalbanti F. Take soft stems of peepal, coriander seeds,crystal sugar in equal quantity and mix them well and take its grams twice a day and it is very useful in this disease. Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference Articles with ‘species’ microformats Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles containing Korean-language text Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the Encyclopedia Americana with a Wikisource reference Taxonbars with 20—24 taxon IDs.

The methanolic extract of F. BS Shah Prakashan, Eight edition Morphological characters This big and old tree is of 30m long. In AfricaF. Make a Donation Join Login. The dog, which was perfectly strong and healthy, received 40 drops of the tincture one morning.

Some plants such as F. It has been reported that tannins possess ability to increase the collagen content, which is one of the factor for promotion of wound healing Support Center Support Center. Cultivated tree Photograph by: Abstract Herbs have always been the principal form of medicine in India. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Ministry of health and family welfare, department of Ayush.