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Caleva Process Solutions Another resourceful Powerpoint Presentation from Caleva Process Solutions. These selection. Advancements in Extrusion-Spheronization. More agile techniques are improving the development of multiparticulate drug-delivery systems. Extrusion Spheronization is one of them and utilized in formulation of beads and pellets. article discusses about the extrusion spheronization process and its.

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For the determination of drug content factor given in USP was used. You can disable cookies but parts of our website may not work. The end point of the titration was determined by measuring the first inflexion in the extrjsion values, at approximately neutral pH. Tween 80 was obtained from SD fine chemicals, Mumbai, India. US Patent ; A.

Extrusion / Spheronization – Glatt Integrated Process Solutions

Wilson N, Shah NP. Furthermore, the solvent required in this technique is very less as compared to other techniques. All authors declare that they have no conflict of interest. The final drying ensures the pellet hardness. Stability studies of pellets containing encapsulated F5 exhibited no signs of discoloration or fishy odor development after 4M on extrusiob at accelerated conditions.

Therefore, there is a need to encapsulate choline salt which provide choline a desired degree of protection. Even if the ball-shaped extrudate is imperfect, the evenness of the surface still spheronizaton good conditions for subsequent coating. Analysis was performed as per method described in USP Choline is a water-soluble essential nutrient and important for normal functioning of cells.

Choline availability modulates the expression of TGFbeta1 spheronizatio cytoskeletal proteins in the hippocampus of developing rat brain. In order to evaluate any possible chemical interactions between the drug and carriers, spectra of plain CBT, and optimized pellet formulations were examined.

Sspheronization solution was then filtered through whatmann filter paper No. The technology chosen is dependent upon multiple active ingredient and formulation criteria, e. Differential scanning calorimetry thermogram of a plain choline bitartrate CBT and b CBT loaded with formulation excipients. It is useful for making dense granules for controlled-release solid oral dosage forms with a minimum amount of excipients, as well as multiparticulates used for immediate, modified, or sustained-release.


Solid state characterization of optimized pellets Particle size analysis The volume weighted mean particle size spheronzation the d 0. Extfusion reports that CBT is stabilized by encapsulation and thus protects choline against conditions encountered during manufacturing and storage of dosage form.

The moisture content in encapsulated CBT found to be in the range of 0. Spectrophotometric method of Choline Bitartrate in bulk and its tablet formulation.

Extrusion & Spheronization Pharmaceutical Technology

To formulate a pellet with desired characteristics physical appearance and spheroinzationthe parameters such as speed of spheronization, temperature of jacketed spheronizer, and time of spheronization were varied in the range as mentioned in Table 1. Fourier transform infrared Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy was used to assess the interaction between drug-polymer in solid state. Hence, it was concluded that there was chemical compatibility between drug and excipients. It also offers immense pharmaceutical applicability due to the benefits of high loading capacity of active ingredient snarrow size distribution, and cost-effectiveness.

Microencapsulated pellets of CBT using HSO as encapsulating agent were developed for stabilization of drug by modified extrusion and spheronization technique. The percent drug sphernization was calculated using the following equation: The composition of the wax coating solution and other excipients should eextrusion selected such that obtained pellets have desired physical characteristics, good encapsulation efficiency, drug content, and flow properties.

Primary packaging in either vials or sachets and secondary packaging services are also available. Different trials were taken as mentioned in Table 1 for selection of processing variables for extrusion-spheronization technique. It was concluded that developed pellets containing encapsulated F10 were stable for 6 M in accelerated conditions.

The dry, mixed, powdery active substances are kneaded into a dough with a liquid. Table 2 Formulation composition for different batches.

Physicochemical characterization and drug-release properties of celecoxib hot-melt extruded glass solutions. The spheres may undergo additional processing steps to apply functional or cosmetic coatings using fluid bed processing with a Wurster insert. Dietary reference intakes for thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12, panthotenic acid, biotin, and choline.

The obtained spectra were then studied for the interaction between drug and the other excipients of the encapsulated pellets.


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Join us for the multiparticulates webinar, where key considerations in designing multiparticulate formulations and processing will be discussed with representative exxtrusion studies. All samples were analyzed 5 times, and average results were taken. Extrusion-spheronization seems to be the most promising process for the optimum delivery of many potent drugs having high systemic toxicity.

Hydrogenated soya bean oil has low melting point so when it is used in other techniques such as fluidized bed processor or spray drying the material got stuck to the expansion chamber during drying process and the nozzle gun also blocked during coating process.

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy was used to assess the interaction between drug-polymer in solid state. The radiation of the platinum plasma beam using JFC auto fine sphreonization was targeted on aluminum stubs for its coating to make a layer of 2 nm thickness above the sample for 25 min. Where, Apheronization b and F a are weights before and after friability treatment, respectively. After suitable dilution, the absorbance was measured at nm using ultraviolet spectrophotometer and the sheronization drug entrapped was calculated equation 2.

The narrow size distribution was indicated by small span value. Sintering of wax for controlling release from pellets. The authors are thankful to Bajaj healthcare limited, India, for providing the gift sample of choline bitartrate and Hydrogenated soya bean oil.

Choline bitartrate CBT spheronizzation a vital nutrient for fetal brain development and memory function. The step scan mode was performed with a step size of 0. In the pharmaceutical industry, pellets of medium particle sizes from to 2, micrometers are used for most applications.

Therefore, nature of coating offered significant protection when the encapsulate choline exposed to water for 5 h. Furthermore, there was no significant change in the moisture content, and drug content has been observed. Please note that Lonza has updated its Privacy Policy.