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EvalueServe Placement Paper. Profile: Evalueserve(EVS) is a full-service Business Intelligence, Market Research and Intellectual Property Services Firm. Evalueserve Placement papers with selction procedure of the company and comapny profile,interview experience for all companies, it also provides description. Evalueserve Placement-Paper Dec ,Evalueserve Placement papers with selction procedure of the company and comapny profile,interview experience.

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Evalueserve Placement Papers

U Question 3 Four of the following five English words are alike in a certain plcaement and so form a group. Give answer 1 if only assumption I is implicit. Read the following information evalueserfe answer the questions. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted.

All teachers are principals. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the question. In each question below is given a statement followed by two assumptions numbered I and II.

Some factories are offices. Evalueserve Placement Paper 1.

All economists are psychologists. None of these Question 11 In a certain game, if a person steps on the particular square he gets one rupee and every time he misses the particular square he has to pay one rupee. All the three follow 3.

Evalueserve Placement Papers

Only I and II follow 2. Some letters are bulbs. The flat occupied by B is not in the middle. All principals are grounds. B is taller than D and C; but not tall as A. Then they will give you topic. What are no of f1 cars in India?


I am confident that the various tests that you have conducted will corroborate my competencies aptitude and right attitude for the job.

River is either smaller than or equal to Tree 3.

Evalueserve placement papers 1

These questions are based on the following series of elements English letters, numerals and symbols. Pure Classical, Semi Classical and Light music. Analytical Reasoning – V Description: Do NOT mark your answer unless you consider both the statements carefully.

Assuming that all the given statements are True, decide which of the given conclusions logically follow s from the given statements.

But it will not placsment simple one.

All fans are letters 1. A A Cultural Organization desires to organize a programme of two categories, Viz.: None of these Papeds 3 Statements Some flowers are gifts. Only I and III follow 3. All teachers are schools. Some tables are flowers. Some Banks are prisons. Tax laws in India are draconian and inadequate.

None of these Question 4 If numbers from 1 to 9, in the serial order, expresses the English letters that appear in the above series, what will be the sum of all the numerals, the old and the new together? Only III follows 4. None follows Question 2 Statements Most psychologists are historians. India cannot achieve fast economic growth without massive does of capital. Generally, every interview system has HR round and Technical round. Will and determination to govern and non-authoritarian government are the two sites of the same coin.

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Each of the questions below consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II are given below it. You will evalkeserve to write on evalufserve topic.

Some letters are phones.

Read both the statements and — Give answer 1 if the data in Statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question. Mountain is either greater than or equal to Ocean 5. A and D occupy the flats on the two extremes storeys and they have C and E as their immediate neighbors. Question 5 Statement If you want to understand the determinants of effective leadership, this is one of the available books.