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Regulatory documents · Customs Code of the Customs Union · Common Customs Tariff of the Customs Union · ID form · Preliminary resolutions · Search. No translation found. The selected product is available in German only. SWP Research Paper. Volker Stanzel (ed.) New Realities in Foreign Affairs: Diplomacy . Obtain the necessary Certificate of Conformity for the export of your products to the Eurasian Economic Union. Contact our experts now!.

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The second stage includes the free movements of goods, people, services and capital.

Transporte nach Russland und in die gesamte Eurasische Union

It is expected that such interaction will be implemented through the integrated information system of the Eurasian Economic Union. The purpose of the decision is to establish a single procedure for conducting tests of medical products and assessment of their compliance with safety requirements and effectiveness to ensure safety for patients and medical staff. The nuion practices of integration within the Union State allow for their reasonable and confident application in a wider multilateral format.

Based on the results of negotiations some agreements will be concluded. The Pension Agreement is now being worked on.

First of all, I am convinced that China’s economic growth is by no means a threat, but a challenge that carries colossal potential for business cooperation — a chance to catch the Chinese wind in the sails of our economy. Another positive side is the fact that Kyrgyzstan became part of the single market of services, which operates in 43 sectors.


I would like to congratulate all participants on the successful conclusion of the negotiations.

In Aprildiscussions to introduce a single currency resumed. The objective of the EAEU is to take up a worthy place among them. The New York Times.

The EAEU list will include meat and fat and oil products, certain types of confectionery and chocolate as well as metals, cosmetics, and certain types of electronic and mechanical equipment.

The volume of industrial production in – Retrieved 14 May Today, workers from Kyrgyzstan in Russia pay income tax from the first day of work at the same rate as residents: United States Geological Survey.

Armenia Belarus Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Russia. Its departments were greatly expanded on 1 Januaryand the number of international employees increased from to 1, Bywind turbines of total MW are planned to be in operation that would yield million kWh.

Retrieved 3 November Moldova was granted Observer Status in April The most widely-spread type of cargo transportation is motor freight transportation which amounted to 38 million tonnes in He added that an expert group on the elimination of barriers was formed, which included representatives of the business communities of the Union countries.

Sowjetunion II: 1953-1991

You have become an international official and one of a high rank. Help The regional meeting of the International monetary Fund and the National Bank of Kazakhstan “Fundamentals of euurasische policy to promote expanded regional and global eurasusche in the Caucasus and Central Asia” is an effective platform for the exchange of views on economic development of representatives of the government structures of the Caucasus and Central Asia responsible for the economic block, as well as representatives of international financial organizations, bilateral and multilateral cooperation agencies, academic and diplomatic circles, the business community.


Armenia Belarus Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Russia. In accordance with the Concept, energy companies of the Union countries will get non-discriminatory access to oil infrastructure of the partners, will be able to buy crude oil and oil products unikn quantitative restrictions at eurasiscje non-discriminatory price without export duties.

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev chaired the session of the Intergovernmental Council and highlighted the importance of launching the common market of medicines in the Union. Und das ist gelungen […] es ist vielleicht das Einzige, das gelungen ist.

Eurasian Customs Union

In the opinion of Vladimir Putin, it is important to procure further development of integration processes. This document envisages a number of innovations which will considerably save resources of businesses – customs formalities will be simplified, customs procedures will become less time-consuming, which equals the minimized communication with officials and, therefore, an improved business climate eurxsische the EAEU Member States.

Retrieved 8 January Retrieved 7 November Citizens of Kyrgyzstan are now able to carry out activities not only under a labour but also civil law contract, which significantly expands spheres of their possible employment.