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A collection of resources for understanding and coping with the complexities of modern health and social concerns. It provides an objective overview of the. The encyclopedia of poisons and antidotes / Carol Turkington with Deborah Mitchell ; foreword by Shirley K. Osterhout. — 3rd ed. p. ; cm. — (Facts on File library. The encyclopedia of poisons and antidotes. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it.

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In a celebrated case in in The DallesOregon, members of a religious cult inserted salmonella bacteria in salad-bar foods, provoking cases of infection. Aquatic toxicology Ecotoxicology Occupational toxicology Entomotoxicology Environmental toxicology Forensic toxicology Medical toxicology In vitro toxicology Toxicogenomics. In some instances, pumping the stomach may be required. This results in an antivenom that can be used to counteract poison produced by certain species of snakesspidersand other venomous animals.

About 50 children die each year in the United States from poisoning. The number can be found on the first page of any telephone book.

There poisona no way to tell by looking at a plant if it is poisonous. If the doctor suspects that the poisoning was not accidental, he or she is required to notify law enforcement authorities. The glass was immediately covered, and water was added to the tumbler, which was drunk by the cupbearer’s assistant. The bulb of the hyacinth and daffodil are toxic, but the flowers are not.

[PDF Download] The Encyclopedia of Poisons and Antidotes (Facts on File Library of Health and

The type of poison; the amount and time of exposure; and the age, size, and health of the victim are all factors that determine the severity of symptoms and the chances for recovery.

Russell Davis rated it liked it Dec 08, Initially, poisoning is suspected if the victim shows changes in behavior and the signs or symptoms previously described.


Poisoning commonly involves the introduction of poisonous elements from outside the body. There are more than 13 million encyclopedis toxinsbut less than 3, cause most incidents of poisoning. However, instead of the plant sap, a powder made from the dead, eviscerated larva can be used. Biological warfare Carcinogen Food safety Hazard symbol List of extremely hazardous substances Mutagen Occupational safety and health.

This decline has occurred mainly because of better packaging of toxic materials and better public education. As early as BC, poisonings executed at the dinner table or in drinks were reported, and the practice became a common occurrence.

One he describes as “The blood of a duck found in a certain district of Pontus, which was supposed to live on poisonous food, and the blood of this antiddotes was afterwards used in the preparation of the Mithridatum, because it fed on poisonous plants and suffered no harm. Even with all the advances in medical science today, poisons still remain a serious health risk.

In the fairy tale Snow White, a story that has anidotes for centuries in all European countries and languages, the wicked queen offers Snow White a poisoned apple that will induce a deathlike coma.

Everything you need to know about poisons in alphabetical order. Over the centuries, the variety of harmful uses of poisons continued to increase. Cyanide interferes with respiration ajd the cellular level. American College of Emergency Physicians. The other group contains products that can be safely ingested in small quantities, but which are harmful if taken in large amounts.

Central Intelligence Agency CIA devised a number of food-and drink-based encyclopeda for assassination, including a lethal milkshake intended for Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

Another group, including cocaine, ergot, strychnine, and some snake venoms, causes potentially fatal seizures. The tasting — a complex ceremony — usually fell to the food-preparers and servers.

History of poison

For example, the poison aconitine — a highly poisonous alkaloid derived from various aconite species — has no antidote, and as a result is often fatal if it enters the znd body in sufficient quantities.

The branch of medicine that deals with the detection and treatment of poisons is known as toxicology. Views Read Edit View history. For acid, alkali, or petroleum product poisonings, the patient should not antidoges. Poisoning is the state produced by the introduction of toxic substances, that is, any substance that produces an injurious or fatal effect, into the body. These murders were supposedly undertaken on behalf of Lucretia’s father, Enctclopedia Alexander VIwho as head of the Roman Catholic Church was heir to the cardinals’ estates.


Jaclyn Norkus marked it as to-read Sep 12, For example, the fleshy stem tuber of the potato plant is nutritious; however, its roots, sprouts, and vines are poisonous. The legendary Borgia family, specifically Lucretia, gained a wide reputation for poisonings, especially of cardinals.

Other devices were to insist on drinking from Venetian glass, which was reported to explode if poison was added, or drinking from a vessel made from unicorn horn, which would neutralize the poison. Cuthbert See also chemical warfare ; poisons.

History of poison – Wikipedia

It could be said that the most successful poisons and poisoners are by definition unknown, although it seems doubtful that such knowledge could remain undetected for long. Poisons have been used for many purposes across the span of human existence, most commonly as weaponsanti-venomsand medicines.

Delivery of poison by manipulation of cutlery is of great antiidotes and was apparently in use before Christ.

Others destroy the liver or kidneys, such as heavy metals and some pain relief medications, including acetaminophen and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs ibuprofen.

Poisoning in History Since at least Greek and Roman times, there is historical documentation polsons poisonings. It is the flowers of the jasmine plant that are the poisonous part.