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Manufacturer name, Eltako. Manufacturer number, TLZEV+UC. GTIN, Country of origin, Germany. Customs tariff number, gThe Standardg TLZ12 8E 23 V UC replaces the TLZ12N0 V and TLZ12 8E V+V uC. gThe Allrounderg TLZ12D 23 V UC replaces the TLZ12M V+V uC. g The Simpleg . Also visit TLZ12D V +UC. Eltako Staircase time switch TLZplus 1; 2; 3; 4 Matching products. Eltako Staircase time switchTLZ Manufacturer, Eltako. Manufacturer.

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Only a single MSR12 must provide the outer terminal resistance. The ON button is blue. If permanent light by push-button is switched on, permanent light can be switched on by pressing the push-button longer than 1 second.

The power consumption is displayed with a decimal point. When energy saving lamps ESL are completely or partially switched, then set the switch-off early warning and the permanent light by push-button on the right hand side of the rotary switch. Groups of these impulse switches can be controlled separately using the group control inputs. Off delay tlz12-8e230v switch with switch-off early warning and push-button permanent light switchable. Supply voltage is same as the control voltage.

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Function rotary switches E4 Standard setting ex factory. Mounting accessory page Z1. In these set-tings no wound inductive transformer must be dimmed. Automatic reversal with 1s reversal time.

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If a release delay runs, the affected output ashes in segment 3. When the alarm time AZT is reached, the contact switches over from toSET flashes in field 1 and tlz12–8e-230v display of the elapsed alarm period starts in field 2 from 0. An interruption of control changes the direction of dimming. Therefore single shading elements or roller shutterscan be completely or partially excepted from the automatic function of an over-all control.


The meters can be used for billing purposes, industrial and commercial purposes. Typical connection C8 For installation. If the light is switched on by holding down the tlz112-8e-230v, it starts at the lowest brightness level after approx. Minimized tlz12-8e2-30v loss of electronic devices supports international efforts to reduce energy consumption.

Therefore single shading elements or rollershutters can be completely or partially excepted from the automatic function of an over-all control. Technical data page I 4.

Extremely low switching noise. ActuatorsActuators serve to control the motors of shading systems and roller shutters.

The longest possible setting is 99 hours. It switches the electronic ballast with a bistable relay at the output EVG electronic ballast units. In positions 1 to 4 of the rotary switch the switch position remains unchanged, in positions 5 to 8 it is switched off. Typical connection Technical data page A The time delay delay time RV is set by means of the rotary switch RV. This switches off automatically after 2 hours or by an operation longer than 2 seconds.

Older and newer devices might differ from them. Control power demand Snooze function SL universal switch or direction switch: This starts blinking in case of a blocked push-button not if the function ER is set.


The inrush current is 20 mA. Therefore, the time delay must be chosen at least as long as the shading element or roller shutter will need to move from one limit position to the other. The dimming direction can also be changed by opening the switch briefly twice.

tls12-8e-230v By using bistable relays coil power loss and heating is avoided even in the on mode. With manual control and switch position indicator. Control voltage V. The internal power consumption of max. The twilight signal as described under Lux is then continuously applied to output 3 as long as the set twilight value is undershot. It can be switched off at any time by short-time control Typical connection commands during the lighting is dimmed down.

A1, A7 and A8 need the same potential dltako L.

Connections on the low voltage side: Control voltage, supply voltage and switching voltage V. Sensor function and open circuit monitoring If the signal from tl1z2-8e-230v light sensor or the wind sensor is missing for 24 hours, then an alarm is triggered: These are group impulse switches in hybrid technology with central control functions and possibly motor isolating relays or DC motor relays.