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by José de Espronceda ( – ) / translated by Salvador of the Romantics” and El Estudiante de Salamanca as a work that “can hardly. Poesias Liricas, El estudiante de Salamanca has 24 ratings and 1 review. Antonio said: En líneas generales me ha gustado, aunque la primera parte, la ded. Don José de Espronceda y Lara, Spain’s foremost lyric poet of the nineteenth century, was born on the 25th of.

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The final section is also where the only courtship made explicit in the text occurs. The fourth therefore continues the narrative thread of the first and follows into the pursuit and descent of the specter.

Poesias Liricas, El estudiante de Salamanca by José de Espronceda

Yet though our ideas of what sexuality and gender are have drastically changed from the early twentieth century, our ideas of the Don Juanfigure have not. Mary, the third phase, allows the feminine to have some aspects of virtue, in specific situations, like Mary in the Bible. Email required Address never made public. El Estudiante de Salamanca Classic Reprint. But is every Don Juan character a simple, repressed homo- sexual? Unlike the commodified women of the third or conscious section, the woman salamsnca this section of the unconscious is pure and dressed as “mujer velada en bianco traje” The neurosis culminates when the Don Juan character needs to leave the woman he has just conquered, as after possessing her, he realizes that she is not the mother, and therein starts the cycle once more, as all that he has managed to conquer is the projection.

Depictions of the feminine bring to fruition a construction of the anima as an entity in the text. Check out the xe books of the year on our page Best Books of On the Problematics of Comparative Literature.


When the Romantic characters defy God in some way, the wrath of God falls upon them teaching us to fear the wrath of God. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Poesias Liricas, El estudiante de Salamanca

Structurally speaking, the stylistic shift provides agency to the character. Elizabeth Nash goes on to view the origins ofDon Juan as a homo- sexual. The verses in the first and fourth sections involve a psychical process and the desdoblamiento of the protagonist reflects this jowe Don Felix in courting the spectral woman is not the physical man but instead a manifestation ofhis psyche.

Society of Spanish and Spanish-American Studies, They possess an irregular 3 -syllable meter. Before focusing on the structural aspects of dspronceda poem, however, examination of the use of the masculine and feminine and how they come to delineate the anima and the animus, concepts that Ds uses in describing the female and male archetypes in the collective conscience, is warranted.

El Estudiante de Salamanca (Classic Reprint)

Retaking the notion of theatre as the venue of the conscious in the text, Felix lends himself agency in his Don Juanism when he calmly confronts Elvira’s brother, Don Diego de Pastrana.

The use of this character also has zalamanca moral message, because in Don Juanism, the protagonist always succumbs to his actions by being eternally damned, poetic justice. UniversidadNacional Autonomade Mexico, El estudiante de Salamanca” Letras Peninsulares 12 She is unnamed and commodified as a vulgar coin or trinket, having lost her value due to the abundance of her as a resource.

The romantics emphasised the abnormal so much that some of the imagery is even mildly erotic. Con una notevole polimetriasi racconta della tristezza e della malinconia di Elvira descritta come la tipica donna eterea del romanticismo e di come lei muoia di follia e di abbandono. With the hope that feared evil never succeeds or does not come in the first place.

Citing Maranon, Wright notes that “cada hombre, espronceds la inmensamayoria de ce, llevanun fantasma de mujer, no en la imagination, que entonces tal vez seria facil expulsarle, sino circulando en la sangre” The subsequent verses of the section are divided into versos de romance, quatrains, octavillas italianas and octavos reales.


Ep Spanish thinker, Gregorio Maranon, radicalized the study of the Don Juan figure in the early twentieth century in his essay “Notas para una biologia de Don Juan” Jose de Espronceda et son temps: U of North CarolinaP, While the macabre notion of viewing one’s own body interred may salamanc a simple Romantic artifice, the separation ofDon Felix the courtier and Don Felix the deceased in this scene lends aphysical dimension to the present argument.

Poi una dozzina di versi romance in rima acuta, seguiti da dodecasillabi raggruppati in serventesios. It is important to note that the apotheotic stage of the anima is not named after a mythical woman but after an abstract concept, wisdom.

The third estudiatne introduces the theatrical dialogue of the work and is composed of versos de romance, redondillas, cuartetas, and decimas.

El Estudiante de Salamanca J. He follows and rl upon an extensive list of Spanish scholars who dwell on the prototypical womanizer. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Her face is hidden but he feels an unnatural attract- ion for her. This rise of syllabic count curiously corresponds with the climax between Don Felix and the specter as he asks her: Visit estudiantf Beautiful Books page and find lovely books for kids, photography lovers and more.

El estudiante de Salamanca begins with a man, Don Felix, ambulating through the streets esyudiante a ghoulish hour as the physical world stands on its head.