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Baphomet Solve et Coagula Ceremony | Page 1 of 4 Store Texts of the .. Apiano Leon Valiente – El Alquimico Baphomet Templario. Quizás uno de los símbolos más incomprendidos sea el de Baphomet ya que pues su significado es alquímico y representa la materia prima con la que se Los Templarios fueron perseguidos en base a calumnias, que los acusaban de. Muchos investigadores de la historia de los Templarios y los Masones han . sobre la cabeza de Baphomet que se dice que los templarios lo adoraban.

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Baphomet Solve Et Coagula Andreh Vitimus

Everyone should continue to chant Baphomet even as the fire dies out. Before doing this ritual, all participants should have a positive group purpose.

Once the fire is out, the celebrant will gather the ash and literal sludge from the cauldron and add it to the red paint while continuing to chant Baphomet. They should at this point continue to chant the name of the entity they discovered while allowing a form, possibly a sigil, or even more appearing before them, while imaging the entity inside the paper. At this point the celebrant should go into Glossolalia, while the increased sexual energy of the paint leads towards a birthing.

On each line of the Enochian, the Celebrant should imagine with all 5 of their senses, the chaos star being drawn and becoming crackling and powerful lightning in all directions that fork out and thunderstrike and empowers each participant while helping them dislodge the entity and issue from their lives. This ritual does require some competency with Evocation. The group of magicians that I work with and students of the Quantum Life Science Institute have done variations of this ritual several times.


Baphomet Solve Et Coagula Andreh Vitimus – [PDF Document]

At this point the Celebrant will pour the or other alcoholic substance into the cauldron, and light this on fire. Once the fire is lit, they will imagine with all 5 of their senses that Baphomet will be evoked into the flame mounting the fire. We have performed this ritual with several deep seated issues.

The Glossolalia should continue until ba;homet participant gets stuck chanting a name for the entity that represents the issue. At which point, all participants will banish by laughter.

This aspect of the ritual is a little beyond the scope of the ritual release but is certainly advanced level magical training offered by the Quantum Life Science Institute.

At this point, the celebrant will keep going with the Invocations of chaos and imagining with all five of their senses the chaos star appearing above the cauldron and then acting as a electric fence holding the entities within the cauldron. More on this technique for those who have not had the tem;lario to attend the workshops in person can apquimico found in the book Hands On Chaos Magic by Andrieh Vitimus. Banish by your preferred method.

People may feel that part of themselves that is dying or dissolving- this is perfectly natural. Ritual robes are helpful. Restarting the blog, now that I can.

To dissolve alquijico negative aspect of our lives and create a new entity to Do X Participants: Just do a google search when you have bapohmet couple hours. This is a far more difficult ritual than it seems and participants generally do experience phenomenon such as temperature changes, radical room pressure changes, various extreme body sensations etc. When all the ash and sludge has been mixed with the red paint.

  6ES7 138-4FB03-0AB0 PDF

Valiente Echaniz’s Documents

Speaking from years of experience and a few charring moments in time- DO have the fire extinguisher ready, and Baphomrt be sure to use a long lighter. If you need help with this, basic anchoring techniques are covered in Hands On Chaos Magic.

We also transubtiated the wine into the “Blood of dissolution” as a talismonic way to allow for people to dissolve issues or energy blocks later. Small table Ritual Robes are helpful. Because of the presence of an open and continuous flame, ritual nudity is not recommended for this.

This baaphomet should look like primordial blood. All participants will use all five of their senses to imagine Baphomet descending into the Cauldron while seething and chanting IO Baphomet, purposely out of sync with each other.

This ritual works with the Levi concept of Baphomet baphomer by the phrase Solve Et Coagula which translates to dissolve and reform.

If you do not have a local store, it is available here atHands-On Chaos Magic: Each participant should be placed around the table and cauldron in a circle. Fire extinguisher remember- safety first!