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Ekiga is a SIP and H VoIP, IP Telephony and Video Conferencing More documentation is available in the manual available through Ekiga’s Help menu. Ekiga SIP Setup and configuration guide for voip settings and pc to phone calling of Ekiga softphone and install to your PC following the instructions here. To install Ekiga for Linux Ubuntu go to the Ubuntu Software Center, type Ekiga and select Install. For Windows the program can be downloaded from the URL.

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Ekiga will choose which account to use depending on the end of the SIP address if it is the same as one of emiga registrar you have in your account list to place the call. Sometimes, you will need to force that identity.

Dkiga next release will be 4. It respectively loads the list of users from the LDAP directory and will store locally their addresses. That means that progress on the project is slow, especially when you want to be ambitious. However, proprietary programs using closed communication protocols are dominating the market.

Each codec has strong and weak points. You can also adjust other settings for the selected video input device, such as the size of the transmitted video display, the regional video format, and the video source channel to use.

Documentation | Ekiga ~ Free Your Speech

You ekiiga also exchange text messages with H. The last window displays a summary of the settings you have chosen. A dialog will appear and allows you to enter several parameters:. Placed calls keeps track of all attempts – successful or not – to call another user. You will now see the appropriate section.

Ekiga General – direct call using ip address

Modern telecommunication means far more than just making a phone call. For that, if Ekiga shows a dialog box about that on startup and you have access to your router mxnual, you may try the following. If packet jitter is big, jitter buffer is automatically increased, and audio packets will play late after their reception, without however exceeding a predefined value ms as of Ekiga version 5. When starting Ekiga for the first time, the Configuration Assistant will launch automatically.


Normally, the Ekiga panel applet would run silently without giving any notice of its existence. For example, the G. It is a bug-fixing release since the previous unstable release 1 month ago.

If you wish to add a custom group, enter your custom group name here, and click Add. It contains three checkboxes for the three cases described above.

Enter your Ekiga Call Out Account data or choose not to sign up with ekiga. Network neighbours is a special group in the roster, called Neighbours, which automatically discovers and shows all ekiga users from your LAN.

This page welcomes you to the Configuration Assistant.

Skype for example works in this case too because it uses the other users of skype as proxies, otherwise said the other users give are forced to give resources CPU and network bandwidth for Manjal NAT skipe users. Ekiga can be used with several Internet Telephony Service Providers. Thanks goes to Damien Sandras! In addition, there is a Call Panel tab available, which displays pictures and videos of local or remote webcams.

ekiga(1) – Linux man page

There is no obligation for you to use a commercial provider, but if you need such service, we recommend using the default Ekiga provider. You can visit Carlos’ website at http: If you do not want to accept this call, click Reject. If you hit Cancel during the setup, Ekiga will not be affected by your changes, and all entered information will be discarded. During a communication, only one video codec is used. General performance could also be an issue, especially when most efficient codecs were closed source.


They are divided ekiha three groups “Received calls”, “Placed calls” and eliga calls”.

direct call using ip address

It has received only few testing, it works on developers machines, and the only known major regression which should hopefully be fixed in the next unstable release compared to the last stable release is the following: You can get one from http: The default ports used by Ekiga are the following:. Apart from reasons of security, the router has no means of determining the destination address on the LAN if there is no match with a previous outward bound packet.

Video codecs can adapt their quality to the available bandwidth. A new window will appear: Kanual, make your calls via an SIP provider. Ekiga will ring when people will call that phone number. Additionally, if you remove the contact from either the Novell Evolution or KDEAddressBook applications, then this will also remove the contact from Ekiga’s local address book. This effectively pauses video and audio transmission.

Use the sliders to adjust the levels to fit your needs. Ekiga features three preset status messages, and within each one of these presets, custom messages can be created.

The purpose of this test is to give you an audible sense of the latency between you and manaul machine that is running the echo test application.