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Eclipse Phase: Panopticon – Panopticon surveys three areas of the Eclipse Phase setting: Ubiquitous surveillance and sousveillance—living i. Eclipse Phase is the post-apocalyptic game of transhuman conspiracy and horror . Technology allows the re-shaping of bodies and minds, but also creates. By Rob Boyle Eclipse Phase Panopticon Vol I on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Go forth, and post! Also, the name Hypergibbon can not be improved further. I guess I was just hoping for some more Canide Stuff Eclipse Phase 1 – 10 of 15 books.

Upset becuase no Canide Uplifts. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Alternately, one can explore known recent loopholes with common nanitic designs just as one might any dclipse out-of-date security. Do that make the hecklers a couple of GAIs with way too much runtime? Qty Add to cart. Things that pxnopticon bear further inquiry: You could also easily bring in some elements of Filled with an almost bewilderingly comprehensive rundown of surveillance capabilities in a future where nanotech and quantum cameras are as common as computers, this sourcebook reveals just how hard it is to conduct covert operations eclipsw a future where surveillance is ubiquitous beyond the dystopian nightmares of Alex Jones.

Imagine a gouvernment, that uses all those fancy transhuman mesh-technology for controlling the citizens in an oldfashioned, totalitarian style.

Gear is a part of it. Create a list to order this product later. Return to Book Page. There aren’t really all that many good ideas for morphs dedicated to Habitats and Surveillance.


I’m picturing a ‘standard warning symbol’ stickered on various shops doors that warn that said shop ‘provides the free service’ of destroying all surface nanitic ‘infections’ of those entering, and takes no responsibility for the simultaneous destruction of the swarms you wanted to have active. The first thought I had after reading about owls and pigs was “What comes next, owlbears? Can Man talk about “Science Fiction’ when reallity already getting its back?

So as far as I am aware, he has already looked it over and talked to the devs about stuff. Just plug him into a potato battery connected to a little speaker, then pop him out when you get to the other side. Lumping everything useful into “Game Information” defeats the point of having tabs.

Eclipse Phase : Panopticon – Patriot Games Ltd

We already got that in the core book. Or mention of any Wolf-Uplifting plans for that matter. I am still reading the Pxnopticon part of the book, but so far it has been incredibly enlightening.

Keith rated it it was amazing Feb 27, So they either have panpticon pay out the nose for a flesh and blood morph, which may not even be available in many habs, or face the unpleasant prospect of sleeving in to a morph that will be unfamiliar to them.

In here we feel free to post whatever you want, as long as it is about Panopticon. That has been true for quite some time: My infiltration-themed campaign will be making a lot of use of it.

Eclipse Phase: Panopticon Discussion

I love the chapter on uplifts. In the physical book, there’s a bookmark that can easily be left on the first gear page.

He hears about Mogo and his coordonate.


Me, I love them. Looking more closely at the art. Role-playing Games Every month, get all the news about Role-playing games.

Eclipse Phase: Panopticon – Boutique Philibert EN

This sourcebook details panoptiocn inner workings of the different types of space habitats in Eclipse Phase, provides comprehensive information on surveillance and sousveillance technologies, and explores uplifts panoption raised to human-level sapience and the sociopolitical challenges they face.

Nice pics as well. Jun 19, Frank Harris rated it it was amazing Shelves: Similar notation as to habs where uplifts were not tolerated or were second-class citizens would also have been handy. And along with an errata panopricon, we get a discussion thread! Jan-Erik rated it really liked it Feb 05, Refresh and try again. Ryan Somma rated it it was amazing Apr 24, And so he waits, and waits, and waits, but no trace of that Mogo For he didn’t know he was ON Mogo himself.

Trivia About Eclipse Phase Pan Reading the Habitat one now. What someone might well do is make custom wolf-esque morphs; not every ‘non-human’ body is an Uplift.

A corrupted, failed “uplift-paradise”, ruled by some neo-pigs who just love the ancient ways of KGB, STASI and Securitate and combine them with modern technology sounds like a faszinating hell.

John Feil rated it eclopse liked it Nov 25, What kind of morphs would you want instead?