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monthly / /reglamento-del-impuesto-sobre-las-utilidades-de-las-empresas-iue Summary Table Tax in Bolivia. NAME OF THE. TAX deducted the IVA. • Bolivian source profits remitted . (Art. 42 D. S. ) • Form. remittance by . The tax system determines the concept and classification of taxes in Bolivia. Tributes are the obligations in . the country (Art. 43 D. S. ). • Payslip

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Emergency Preparedness Act, c. With regard to activities related specifically to the production, development and commercialization of materials and equipment that may be used in the fabrication of missiles, this control is exercised by the Army Command. Imposes sanctions on those who violate the Law.

The General Health Act of 20 March establishes a procedure for the issue of authorizations, ensuring that the aforementioned products comply with the standards of effectiveness, tolerance, purity and stability and information requirements established by international scientific best practices.

It stipulates that the General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine is the competent authority responsible for quarantine inspection on import and export of transgenic products. Modified by Decree No. Political Constitution of Colombia Article Provides lists, approved by the interested parties, of the specific goods work, services for 240051 the export import is subject to licensing in accordance with the present decree. The import, transit, distribution and stockpiling of dangerous substances will be authorized by the Ministry in coordination with the Public Health Department and Social Services, the Department of Economy and the Higher Counsel for Public Health; a special regulation will regulate the proceedings on boivia subject.

Penal Code, Chapter I Article The Law shall also apply in cases when the actions performed or agreements concluded by State bodies, legal entities and natural persons of the Republic of Belarus outside the territory of the Republic of Belaruspromote the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction or dds armaments, or cause damage to the national security, political and economic bklivia of the Republic.

Ministry of Economy and Public Finance of Bolivia

A person who appropriates or gives explosives or firearms, chemical or biological or nuclear weapons to a person who has no permit for their acquisition shall be punished with a deprivation of liberty. The security control and emergency measures are also needed. Amendment of Actof 3 Marchincludes, among crimes of money-laundering, the financing of terrorism.


Article on the illicit managing of harmful micro-organisms. Approves the International Plant Protection Convention. Regulates the export of goods and services with possible military applications or dual use and, in that connection, to regulate the export of goods or related services with possible application for the development of weapons of mass destruction, whether nuclear, chemical or biological, and their delivery vehicles i.

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Article 1 h pertains to the 224051 on the manufacture, possession and use of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons, as well as the introduction into the canton of nuclear and toxic wastes. In addition, the Ministry of Agriculture has formulated, inter alias, the following administrative measures to ensure the effective implementation of the aforementioned regulations: Prohibiting the use of weapons and explosives.

The Department of Human Services and Health regulates therapeutic goods for. Includes export controm provisions and licensing provisions. On unlawful carrying, keeping, acquisition, manufacture or sale of weapons or explosive substances. BTWCIA is framework legislation, paralleling the BWC and prohibiting the development, production, retention, stockpiling, acquisition, posession, use or transfer of biological weapons, as well as biological agents of types and in quantitites that have no justification for peaceful purposes.

On establishing the obligation of notification of the existence of bacillus anthracis in public and private laboratories, for inspection purposes. Approves the guidelines for alert and notification of labour accidents involving the risk of infection by sanguine pathogens of health personnel. Guidelines to prevent the inadvertent supply of biological weapons-applicable plant, equipment source cultures and expertise.

Complementary instructions for the regulations for road and railway transportation of dangerous products. Inspection supervision of the Law implementation has been regulated. Establishes the relevant authorities and stipulates in detail the reporting procedures. Makes it an offense to transfer biological weapons.

Common list of military equipment contained in the European Union Code of Conduct on Arms Export makes an integral part of this law. Sets the standards for use of genetic engineering techniques in the construction, bolviia, manipulation, transportation, marketing, consumption, release and disposal of genetically modified organisms GMOs with the objective of protecting the life and health of humans, animals, plants and the environment.

Article 22 pParagraphs c and d Provides that the Ministry of Defence is responsible for expressly authorizing and controlling all imports of weapons, munitions and chemical, bacteriological and radiological agents; its enabling legislation is duly implemented through the War Material Department.

  1946 LEY 0065 PDF

decreto supremo en pdf – PDF Files

Article 83 Provides that toxic gases and bacteriological booivia similar weapons that are confiscated must be rendered unusable in order to prevent boliivia diversion. Prohibits the provision of any kind of support to non-State actors who attempt to develop, acquire, manufacture, possess, transport, transfer or use nuclear, chemical or biological weapons and their means of delivery.

Act of 25 November Whoever, in violation of this Law, bplivia damage to natural resources like land, forests, grasslands, water, minerals, fish, wild animals and wild plants shall bear legal liability in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws. The same instrument also defines all the conditions dx obligations to be complied with by a person wishing to engage in any activity involving goods considered as sensitive, as well as possible commercial activities which involve dealing in sensitive goods, such as manufacturing, import, distribution, retailing, transportation or storage of such goods.

Establishes an authority in charge of controlling the export of blood serum and plasma with the authority of using diagnostics and medical services. Promotes research and development of biotechnology in China while guaranteeing public health of common citizens, preventing environmental pollution and maintaining ecological balance.

Reglamento del impuesto sobre las utilidades de las empresas, DS Nº 24051, 29 de junio de 1995

Regulations for laboratories set by the department of Hygiene and Security. Prohibits cloning es involving humans. Includes a “catch-all-clause” and preliminary consent voluntary or compulsory to talks with foreign partners before the conclusion of a contract are specific.

Law of September 24, Human Pathogen Import Regulations Act, Exports of sensitive goods would now require prior permission from the relevant federal agencies under the overall co-ordination of the Strategic Affairs Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic.

The Act of 10 January Establishes the universal licensing system for imports. Contains an itemized export control list of dual-used technologies including bacteriological and poisonous weapons-related, as well as rocket weapons-related.

Order of Council of Ministers No. Establishes a plan for poultry farm improvements. In the area of biological and chemical weapons, article of the new Penal Code criminalizes the use of genetic technology to produce biological weapons.