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All products mentioned in this integrated annual report are not for sale to persons under the age of Appointed to the Distell board on 1 July 6 Dr Edwin. ‘distell’, ‘we’ or ‘our’) for the period 1 July to 30 June All products mentioned in this integrated annual report are not for sale to persons under. These summary group annual financial statements have been compiled by the. Company’s appointed Appointed 2 November Rudi Jansen is a director whereafter both Capevin Holdings and Distell will be delisted.

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It runs skills development projects amongst licence holders to develop business capacity and to promote the responsible sale of alcohol within existing legal parameters. Deloitte conducts its CFO surveys each year to provide a better understanding of the current mind-set of financial stewards.

Welcome to the half year report for the six months to 30 September, High returns were maintained and good cash generation More information. We continue to develop Group reporting standards and will make our disclosures increasingly meaningful and measurable for Distell s stakeholders. Close collaboration with our suppliers to ensure the sustainability of the supply chain at cost-competitive levels.

Management capacity and talent management The quality of our people provides a competitive advantage. Scarcity of water supply.

Increasing the focus on training and development. Loss of intellectual property business know-how will negatively impact on Distell s competitive advantage. Savanna has since gone global becoming the world s fourth largest selling cider, distributed in over 60 countries around the world.


Welcome back to the auditorium. Embed Distell s disciplines on key operational processes and systems in newly-acquired businesses.

Ensure the value proposition of our brands resonates with targeted consumer groups. When Savanna Dry launched ineveryone was drinking out of cans, so we decided to launch Savanna in a dumpy-shaped bottle instead. Acal plc Accounting policies March Basis of preparation The consolidated financial statements of Acal plc and all its subsidiaries have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting. Market shares could be negatively impacted.

Unavailability of apple juice for the production of ciders. Reduced competitive advantage over the medium term.

Annual Report | Investor Centre | Distell

Savanna is also South Africa s leading cider export. Unaudited Interim Report For the 6 months ended 30 September Directors Report The last six months has continued to be a period of growth and development for the Company, highlighted by a number of.

Enhancing margin and enabling growth Competitive advantage in cost will deliver gross margin expansion. Our Scotch single malts are impressive too. Additional sustainability information can be found in our online sustainability report.


The team are inspired by their forebears, many of whom have redefined South African winemaking vistell their pioneering innovations. Suboptimal returns on investment post-acquisition or, at worst, impairment of investment.


Security of business information ICT technology is rapidly advancing, with rsport sophistication of cyber-attacks to invade business information systems. Introduction The consolidated financial statements of Volex Group plc More information. Our mission We craft distinctive alcoholic beverage brands, enhance memorable moments and inspire responsible enjoyment.

The Amarula Trust runs several job creation programmes and funds research into elephant behaviour for developing conservation management plans in southern African private and public game parks. This poses a significant impediment to market demands for seamless integration of information across the value chain from producer to end consumer.

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Unable to take advantage of the recent improvement in growth amongst some of South Africa s key trading partners, the country has seen ongoing job losses in the formal as well as the informal sectors as output potential is further constrained by electricity generation shortages, infrastructure deficiencies and a lack of key skills and competencies. For an overview of our material corporate responsibility issues please see page He took up his present position in October and oversees the operations of the Group, which include bottling, distribution, technical services, procurement, supply chain management and risk management.

UBS 9th annual financial services conference.