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Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming. Author: Thomas VanDrunen Thomas VanDrunen, Functional programming as a discrete mathematics. Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming is a textbook on discrete mathematics and functional programming in ML by Thomas VanDrunen. Of course discrete math is not exactly a very deep branch, but still it gives you a /Discrete-Mathematics-Functional-Programming-VanDrunen/dp/

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Discrete Structures

Tuesday, May 16 at 2: Tuples are a foundational part of ML and before moving on it is imperative that everyone has a solid understanding of this concept. Please come to my office hours when you want assistance! Learn how to interpret mathematical functonal and symbols properly, and how to communicate mathematical ideas effectively. Much of your learning will happen outside of class. Learn new ways to justify the correctness of a program, as well as conceptual techniques to help understand the run time of a program.

Retrieved from ” http: We found that more time should be spent on chapters and skipped the last half of chapter 9 and all of chapter 10 after deeming them to be interesting but not necessarily constructive. Unlike some of your past experiences in mathematics, there will typically be many correct answers to each problem.

I really enjoy interacting with students. About halfway through the year we found that there were many points we did not fully understand and that this lack of understanding was only further retarding our progress. You may look at other sources, but you must cite other books or online sources if they provide you with an idea that helps you solve a problem. Thursday, May 18 at 2: If you are stuck on a problem, begin by working on simple examples and special cases.

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Develop your functional programming abilities in Standard ML. Learn how to abstract away essential ideas and to represent data using sequences, relations, graphs, and other combinatorial models.

fiscrete Grinnell College makes reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities. Writing “I worked with Sam on this problem” or “Mary helped me with this problem” suffices. The process of abstracting from special cases to general patterns is difficult at first, but the only way to improve is not to be afraid to try.

When graded homework is returned, spend time reading the comments and reflecting on how you can improve your writing. One of the most difficult parts of your mathematical education is learning how to transition from having no idea, to obtaining vague hunches, to seizing on key ideas, to writing correct proofs. However, you may not specifically look for solutions to homework problems, and you may not solicit help for homework problems from online forums.

Do what you can.

Develop your ability to think recursively, and how to justify recursive procedures using mathematical induction. We have detailed our findings so that future classes may focus on the most relevant sections and spend less time on fruitless endeavors.


In addition to your written work, you should email me the text of the ML programs that you write for each assignment.

To better understand the proofs we first made sure that there was a solid knowledge of definitions. Homework assignments will be due every other class period. You can not write a communal solution and all copy it down. In review of these sections, working exercises together on the whiteboard was especially helpful.

Discrete Mathematics and Functional Programming

An Open Introduction by Oscar Levin, which is available online. As a result, clarity of exposition and the proper use snd mathematical terminology are as vital to your solutions as having the correct idea.

Contents [ show ]. All homework disceete consisting of more than one page must be stapled. If you enjoy working in groups, I strongly encourage you to work with others in the class to solve the homework problems.

Core material can be found in chapters and additional concepts are found in chapters Both centered on cardinality, disjointness, and partitions.