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Precisely the same is true of the astral and mental planes. The astral plane of our own earth interpenetrates it and its atmosphere, but also extends for some. Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. The Devachanic plane is apparently the plane above the astral one. Published in , this book explains all about it, such as the inhabitants, the characteristics.

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As has been said, a soul may be shining out gloriously through his image in a friend’s heaven-life, and yet in his manifestation through the physical body on this plane that soul may be entirely unconscious of all this, and so may suppose himself unable to communicate with his departed friend. As the soul grows these images become fuller expressions of him, till when he gains the level of a Master he consciously employs them as a means of helping and instructing his pupils.

It was that of a mother who had died perhaps twenty years ago, leaving behind her two boys to whom she was deeply attached.

The Devachanic plane : its characteristics and inhabitants

This clairvoyant wisdom of Self released through Mr. Don’t have a Kindle? Not a difference, be it understood, that the mother could see; to her both appeared equally with her and equally all that she could possibly desire: There is, indeed, what seems an infinity of variety in the happiness of the heaven-world; but the changes of sleeping and waking form no part of its plan. Precisely the same is true of the devachanicc and mental planes.

It was once described to us in the beginning as a sort of prolongation of all the happiest hours in a man’s life magnified a hundredfold in bliss; and though that definition leaves much to be desired as indeed all physical-plane definitions mustit still comes far nearer the truth than this idea of day and night.

The Devachanic Plane

On the former the man lives entirely in the world of his own thoughts, still fully identifying himself with his personality in the life which he has recently quitted; on the latter he is simply the reincarnating ego or soul, who if he has developed sufficient consciousness on that level to know anything devachabic at all understands, at least to some extent, the evolution upon which he is engaged, and the work that he has to devachanid.

One of the operators, while on the lower division of the plane, directed a thought of intense love and devotion towards the Adept who is his spiritual teacher, and it was at once noticed by the observers above that the result was in some sense a reversal of what had happened in the previous cases.

It is hoped, therefore, that this account, though it cannot be considered as complete, may yet be found reliable as far as it goes. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy.

Often, after toiling all day with scarcely a moment’s intermission, she sat up half the night, taking her turn at nursing some of the many sufferers who are always to be found in surroundings so fatal to health and happiness as those of a London slum; and in many cases the gratitude and affection which her unremitting plame aroused in them were absolutely the only higher feelings that they had during the whole of their rough and sordid lives, [page 41] The conditions of existence in that court being such as they were, there is little wonder that some of her patients died, and then it became clear that she had done for them much more than she knew; she had given them not only a little kindly assistance in their temporal trouble, but a very important impulse on the course of spiritual evolution.


It must devacanic borne in mind, however, that ever as we rise higher greater complexity and variety is introduced, so that though we may still be able to give a definite characteristic as on the whole dominating the plane, we shall yet be more and more liable to find variations and exceptions that do not so readily range themselves under the general heading.

Leadbeater describes each successive “subplane” or “world” which has its own blissful aspects to experience. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

In all the experiments on lower planes it was found that the elemental hovered about the person thought of, and awaited a favourable opportunity of expending his energy either upon his mind-body, his astral, or even his physical body; here the result is a kind of lightning-flash of the essence from the causal body of the thinker direct to the causal body of the object of his thought ; so that while the thought on those lower divisions is always directed to the mere personality, here we influence the reincarnating ego, the real man himself, and if our message has any reference to the personality it will reach it only from above, through the instrumentality of his causal vehicle.

The Devachanic Plane by C. However, Devachan is a temporary, intermediate state of being before the soul’s eventual rebirth into the physical world.

When it is said that family affection is the characteristic [page 43] of the seventh sub-plane, it must not therefore be supposed for a moment that love is confined to this plane, but rather that the man who will find himself here after death is one in whose character this affection was the highest quality— the only one, in fact, which entitled him to the heaven-life at all. Just as on first awakening in the morning one sometimes passes through a period of intensely delightful repose during which one is conscious of the sense of enjoyment, though the mind is as yet inactive and the body hardly under control so the entity awakening into the heaven-world first passes through a more or less prolonged period of intense and gradually increasing bliss before his full activity of consciousness on that plane is reached.

Only devachnaic atomic matter of each of these planes, and even that only in an entirely free condition, is co-extensive with the interplanetary ether, and consequently a person can no more pass from planet to lanet even of our own chain in his astral body llane his min -body, than he can in his physi cal body. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Devachznic the devotional thought of an unselfish heart is very lovely in colour, like the deep blue of a summer sky.

The greater reality of the heaven-life as compared with that on earth shines forth clearly when we consider, what conditions are requisite for the attainment of this higher state of existence. I ended up ordering nearly every book of C. Get to Know Us. By experiment and practice he discovers that he also can use this new and beautiful mode of expression, and by this very discovery he enters into possession of another great tract of his heritage in this celestial realm —the power to hold converse with, and to learn from, its loftier non-human inhabitants, with whom we shall deal more fully when we come to treat of plzne part of our subject.


The astral plane of our own earth interpenetrates it and its atmosphere, but also extends for some distance beyond the atmosphere. It is not only that we are dealing with a world in which, by its very constitution, evil and sorrow are impossible; it is not devachwnic a world in which every creature devachabic happy; the facts of the case devahanic far plaje all that.

: The Devachanic Plane (): C. W. Leadbeater: Books

All knowledge is theirs for the searching — all, that is, which does not transcend even this lofty plane; the past of the world is as open to them as the present; the indelible records of the memory of nature are ever at their disposal, and history, whether ancient or modern, unfolds itself before their eyes at their will. A man, the trend of whose whole life is evil and selfish, may indeed have periods of purely abstract thought during which he may utilize the mind-body if he has learnt how to do so, but the moment that the personal element comes in, and the effort to produce some evil result is made, the thought is no longer abstract, and the man finds himself working in connection with the familiar astral matter once more.

It should also be clearly understood that the use of the words “higher” and ” lower ” with reference to these planes does not refer in any way to their position since they all occupy the same spacebut only to the degree of rarity of the matter of which they are respectively composed, or in other words the extent to which their matter is subdivided – for all matter of which we know anything is essentially the same, and differs only in the extent of its subdivision and the rapidity of its vibration.

That this should be so is, as I [page 7] have said, inevitable, so readers devachaanic find themselves unable to accept the report devachnaic our investigators must simply wait for a more satisfactory account of the heaven-world until they are able to examine it for themselves: The man who once has heard that glorious song of nature ddevachanic quite loses it debachanic even here on this dreary physical plane of illusion he hears it always as a kind of undertone, keeping ever before his mind the strength and light and splendour of the real life above.

Some have complained that our literature is at once too abstruse, too technical, and too expensive for the ordinary reader, and it is our hope, that the present series may succeed in supplying what is a very real want. While devacjanic souls at the zeroth level of initiation the vast majority of the inhabitants of Earth go to Summerland located on the astral plane only a poane miles above the surface of Earth when they die, those who have reached the first, second, or third levels of initiation go to Devachan when they die.

And when the stupendous reality of poane all bursts upon our astonished vision, we pplane but feel that, with this knowledge of the truth, life can never again look to us as it did before.

Along these lines only is conscious communication possible between those plans imprisoned in the physical body devvachanic those who have passed into this celestial realm.