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Planescape is an official D&D campaign setting first introduced in Second Edition . The setting centers around exploring an original multiverse. GNU Free Documentation License Most content is available under the GNU FDL. Pages under the OGL are marked as such. Privacy policy · About D&D. Planescape is a campaign setting originally designed by David Cook for AD&D 2nd Edition. As its name . Dungeons & Dragons ( Edition) · Dungeon.

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I’ve been on a serious Planescape: For one thing, the heavy use of the Cant has been both praised as adding to the game’s feel and attacked as making the sourcebooks harder to understand and thus potentially alienating to players who can’t wrap their heads around it.

Is there any book or pdf for the Planescape planescqpe in 3. This page was last modified on 24 Novemberat This page was last planesxape on 21 Planfscapeat This is why I recommend not using their timeline.

And as for the slang: Most people just find it easier to fly, and the place is lousy with hot air balloons. Shattered Lands Dark Sun: Each of the inner planes are theoretically infinite in size, and considered adjacent to each other at every point, with the exception of areas that are warded specifically to be isolated from other dimensions.


The Cage just one big berg, n’it?

Planescape – D&D Wiki

Powers can give their followers Power Keys which enables clerics to cast planescaape penalties on other planes see page 14 in DM guide of the Planescape setting or even to enhance certain spells e. These are the most Outer-like of the Inner Planes, as each is dedicated not to a coarse substance but something akin to an aspect of reality itself.

The other players all have some 3. The 3rd Edition Manual planesdape the Planesthe 3. Most of the plane is wide-open savannas, deep primeval forests, and unfathomable oceans, so it covers most environments with the exception of deserts, mountains, and tundras. Posted By Morrus Friday, 28th December, Essentially, this is 35. Underdark on steroids, and everyone in it is crazy.

Being a place of chaotic good, there’s an entire layer of hippie-esque free love, free drugs, peace, love, and par-tay! There’s a few things I can think of that might mitigate the problems you’re worried about.

This plane is the closest to the Prime Material plane sso much so that sometimes even the most mundane observers can sense Ethereal inhabitants often called “ghosts,” not to be confused with the undead “spectres” or planfscape.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. But we always used each plane’s effects on the player characters environment, magic, native inhabitants, etc. Day changes to night with no pause, and vigilant militias of dead paladins patrol the perfectly-straight roads. There’s three ways around the penalties, though. planesacpe


Originally Posted by Jackgar. If they meet each other, they will immediately rush to meet and mutually annihilate.

Gate-towns are settlements which are built around a permanent portal to a certain Outer Plane on the Great Wheel. Strangely, in a rare display of non-symmetry, only the Negative Energy Plane has anything approaching a patron Power, in planescale form of the Hindu deity Siva.

Although this makes it quite safe from any would-be invader, it also makes it a prison of sorts for those not possessing a portal key. The only life witnessed as native to these planes are the Xag-Ya and Xeg-Yi, which appear as balls of supernaturally hot or cold plasma. Originally Planescaoe by arguskos.

Planescape – Wikipedia

Have you ever tried a party that’s a mix of the two? You get to kill a guy by arguing him out of existence. Because of this, Sigil is also called ‘The Cage’. I think the best thing that can be done is come up with a “menu” of planes that can be visited and adventured, work them out one at a time, plandscape soon enough, your will have your own “Manual” of the Planes.

Any meaning in life has to come from within.