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Model Specifications. Manufacturer(s). Datron. Instrument Model: Description: Autocal Multifunction Calibrator. Instrument Type(s). Calibrator. Application. Find great deals for DATRON AUTOCAL Multifunction Calibrator as Is. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Datron | Sale | Rental | Lease – Calibrator. Datron Calibrator. Contact us for pricing and availability. Description; Options.

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IMohm in parallel with iSOpF. The prevents this by rejecting any demand for an error-corrected Output Voltage in excess of full scale. Where appropnate, altemative methods are described in Appendices to the section.

The protective window allows tiie fuse rating and line voltage selection to be inspected with the power socket connected. Thus the value registered on tile display may be set within the range permitted by the function selected.

Remote Sense The specified output voltage may be sensed at the load, using 4-wire connections.

To avoid mutual coupling. Output protection against over-voltage is provided, and the outputUnes are fused. Carry out the DC Voltage performance checks I.

Measui’ement imd Storage of the values of an internal resistor. But at lower signal levels, or in noisier environrtienls, it is advisable to use screened cable.

Any failure or operational deficiency information available allows us to provide the best service. Check each range In turn, in the following order to reduce thermal stabilization time: CiiiTent and connect dxtron appropriate shunt. The functions are represented by the same numerics as for programming. Note that the compensation polarity is shov.


[volt-nuts] Datron manual and options

Perform each check in the following order: Dropping or other impact damage from transport is not uncommon. The can also be programmed to transmit strings without tei-minators. Setting Priorities Because of; a. Allow time for thermal equilibrium to be reached before taking readings.

In most cases, users will wish to verify against Reference Standards al non-cardinal values, so a table of Full Range limits would have little value. This summary relates to the recommended method of verifying the It is therefore recommended that either a spectrum analyzer or selective level meter be employed. Termina Offset and Error Mode Combination. Option 90 permits the instrument to be mounted in a standard 19 inch cabinet Remove the two rear spacers from the case sides by releasing six screws.

Separation of leads and creation of loops in tlie circuit can intensify the disturbances. Some null detectors possess high input impedance only when their readings are on- scale, so care should be taken to ensure that drain cuiTents from the DC Voltage source do not become excessive.

Datron 4700 General Calibrators

The tbliowmg Legends will be fitted into the string after fee exponent, if programmed by codes L0 or L2: A commercially-availabie Inductive Voltage Divider tapped at Where possible, the specification and Datron calibration uncertainties are given in a form suitable for calculation see Report Sheet RS2Where this IS not possible titey can be assembled from the specifications in Section 6, and in some cases can be more easily obtained using Spec Mode Report Sheet RS3 has columns for this purpose.


These modify the values which control the output. Configure the Themial Transfer for AC measurement at 470 required voltage. Twist or run leads togetlieikeep length less than I meter. The checks may be carried out ei.

But if the errors were in opposite sense, it could appear to be inaccurate by the sum of the two limits of uncertainty. It contains detailed descriptions of the circuits, trouble-shooting and calibration procedures, part.

Datron 4700

The address selected must be the same as that used in tiie controller program to ddatron the The harmonic amplitudes can be displayed on a. A code siring is often printed on the product itself. The output has been current-limited by an overload. For detailed operating procedures refer to Section 4. Tliis can be used for recording, the results of verifying any of the three stored specifications. Contact factory for details.

Remote Senseis not available on p. When sending general messages, the controller makes all bus devices interpret any DlO-iinc data as configuration or data- flow commands, by holding the ATN line true.