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Mary of Agreda () by the Blessed Mother herself, The Mystical City of God is an amazing collection of four books of revelations about the life of Mary. THE MYSTICAL CITY OF GOD. POPULAR ABRIDGEMENT. THE DIVINE HISTORY AND LIFE OF THE VIRGIN MOTHER OF GOD. Venerable Mary of Agreda. r B 1 MARY OF AGREDA IS KNOWN TO HAVE BEEN FAVORED WITH THE U. S. CITY OF GOD THE CONCEPTION THE DIVINE HISTORY AND LIFE OF.

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The Mystical City of God 4 VOLUME SET

Besides this the Most High and the Queen gave many other instructions, in order to make clear to me their will in regard to this work. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.

His consternation grew, when he heard the sentence, which God pronounced against the guilty ones, in which he himself was implicated. Is there any difficulty in discovering the fraud in revelations of such a kind? She wrote fourteen books throughout her lifetime, among them the four-volume Mystical City of Godand also served as spiritual advisor to King Philip IV of Spain.

The three divine Persons, according to our way of expressing such things, spoke to them as follows: The good angels, persevering in grace, merited eternal happiness and the disobedient ones, rebelling against God, merited the punishment, which they now suffer. In this humanity, united with the Word, will be written, as with his own blood, the true law of Mercy. I should think the latter showed themselves ahead of their times and far more enlightened in their belief than the former, who persisted in a finical unbelief concerning all private revelations.

I also saw how tardy they are in the acknowledgment of these obligations and in making return for these benefits; and I was made aware of the complaints and the indignation of the Most High on account of this forgetfulness. This is the unchangeable Essence, the Being above all other beings, the most perfect sanctity, the most constant truth; this is the infinite, the length, the breadth, the height and the depth, the glory and its cause, rest without fatigue, goodness immeasurable.

I wish to make known to them much of that, which according to my high judgment is still hidden concerning the Mother gof the Word. As they are created first of all for the glory of God, to assist before his divine Majesty and to know and love Him, so secondarily they od ordained to assist, glorify and honor, reverence and serve the deified humanity of the eternal Word, recognizing Him bod Head, and honoring Him also in his Mother, the most holy Mary, Queen of these same angels.


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Mystical City of God by Mary of Agreda : University of Dayton, Ohio

Would you like to tell us about a lower price? Fortunately it is easy to apply sure and unfailing tests. The good angels saw the just indignation of the Most High against Lucifer and his apostates and they combated ccity with the arms of the understanding, reason and truth.

God augmented their temporal goods on account of their generosity and charity. At least most of the known private revelations have been furnished us by women and not men. The book was subsequently criticized by Jansenists and Gallicans in the 18th century, while the Church continued to defend its orthodoxy.

~ The Mystical City of God by Ven. Mary of Agreda ~

On this account the celestial spirits at this new revelation conceived an additional joy and obtained new bod glory, and they spoke to the Lord: On the Saturday next following, the Almighty created the soul of his Mother and infused it into the body; and thus entered into the world that pure Creature, more holy, perfect and agreeable to His eyes than all those He had created, yod will create to the end of the world, or through the eternities.

The majesty of God, beholding the nature of his infinite perfections, their virtue and efficacy operating with magnificence, saw, that it was just and most proper, and, as it were, a duty and a agredda, to communicate Himself and to follow that inclination of imparting and exercising his liberality and mercy, by distributing outside of Himself with magnificence the plenitude of the infinite treasures, contained in the Divinity. She shall be blessed among women and full of the Holy Ghost.

Let now marry prophecies of our servants and the promises made to them that We would send a Savior to redeem them, be fulfilled. Taking courage therefore in the precept, which was given to Adam and Eve, and having prepared the snare, Lucifer entered with all his energy upon the work of entrapping them and of opposing and hindering the ahreda of the divine Will.

All About Mary

King Philip IV visited her several times in her convent and corresponded with her about national affairs for many years. You will at once say: And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to clty earth and the dragon stood before the woman, who was ready to be delivered; that, when she should be delivered, he might devour her son. My mother and myself received the veil on the day of the Purification of the Queen of heaven, on the second of February, It has also been said that her writings were inspirational for Mel Gibson as he produced his film The Passion of the Christreleased in How sweet shall be the sight of Her and her company!


Since the Lord has given me an understanding thereof, I will ov what I mzry useful for elucidating the mysterious origin of the Incarnation of the Argeda and of our Redemption.

This wonderfully composed temperament was afterwards the source and the cause, which in its own way made possible the serenity and peace that reigned in the powers and faculties of the Queen of heaven during all her life. Let Us create a soul according to our pleasure, a fruit of our attributes, a marvel of our infinite power, goe touch or blemish of the sin of Adam.

Lucifer, on the other hand, submitted himself, because the opposite seemed to him impossible. When Lucifer saw the two fallen and their interior beauty and grace and original justice changed into the ugliness of sin, he celebrated his triumph with incredible joy and vaunting in the company of his demons.

The third instant consisted in selecting and determining oc order and arrangement, or the mode of this communication, so as to realize in an adequate manner the most exalted ends.

The Almighty at this conjuncture worked another wonderful mystery.

Please try again later. When she entered Egypt, with St. Shortly afterwards, the process of the Ordinary was drawn up on gox virtues and miracles in general of the fama sanctitatis.

She shall be the cloud that shall drop the dew of heaven for the refreshment of mortals III Kings 18, I already am telling people where they can look for the books. Then happened that great battle in heaven, which St.

The good ones at the sign of it broke forth in admiration and in canticles of praise and from that time on began to defend the honor of the God incarnate and of his holy Mother, being armed with ardent zeal and with the invincible shield of that vision. All have sinned in the free will and resolve of the first man Rom.