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Home HISTORY THE NGONI MIGRATION (O LEVEL) EFFECTS OF NGONI They caused wide spread loss of lives leading to depopulation in some areas. The Ngoni migration was primarily caused by Shaka’s expansionist wars. He had embarked on an a vigorous policy of expanding his empire at the expense of. Explain the causes of the Ngoni migration. Reasons for the Ngoni migration. The Ngoni migrated due to the tyrannical and dictatorial rule of.

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What would the volume of oxygen be in the air pocket? As you can causess, they were disliked by the tribes they stole from. This was due to the fact that migartion were already chased away from their homeland, and their only alternative was to get determined and fight any people they came across. Yahoo New Zealand Answers. The Tuta Ngoni moved north wards into the land of the Holoholo on the Eastern shores of Lake Tanganyika but were driven out, forcing them to change course and settle in North-eastern Tanzania among the Nyamwezi around ls.

Zwangendaba’s followers started to use the name Ngoni.

At the end of the topic students should be able to:. The Ngoni and the Zulu. They were part of the Bantu Nguni speaking people of Southern Africa. Zwagendaba led the biggest Ngoni group that entered East Africa. Need to see what was beyond them. For example, the Yao lost mivration lands to the Ngoni and were forced to settle in unfavorable areas.


Reasons for the Ngoni migration.

In the boys’ hut they are trained in the Ngoni traditions. It was also due to epidemic diseases such as smallpox and sleeping sickness that affected them. To draw a map of East Africa.

The Zulu also started to grow maize.

MGVSS History (Teachers): Ngoni Migration

It led to increased warfare among the African societies, including those areas that had been peaceful before. Today the Ngoni have married into the tribes they conquered. They were fed up with the old traditional political system, which encouraged dictatorship and therefore wanted change, which could be achieved through migration.

mlgration The Zulu started to fight among themselves for land and water. The Tuta Ngoni, the smallest group left Ufipa, moved northwards fighting and clashing with the Holoholo near Lake Tanganyika.

It was due to over population, which was caused by the fertility of soils and reliability of rainfall between Drakensberg Mountains and the Indian Ocean. These included Mirambo, Nyungu ya Mawe and Mkwawa, who used the Ngoni military tactics to build their states.

Causes of ngoni migration?

How is the sky there but untouchable? Meanwhile the second and smaller group led by Maputo had reached East Africa travelling up the Eastern side of Lake Nyasa until they reached Songea around Whereby the two groups remained in East Africa such as Tuta and Gwangara Ngoni, three groups moved out of East Africa that is to say, one group moved to Malawi and the two moved back to Zambia. Disunity among the East African people living in isolated societies, made it easy for the Ngoni to defeat them.


There were also civil wars in Zulu land. Most other tribes used throwing spears.

After this story, assign them the following duties. Divide the class into groups and distribute the written story amongst them. Describe the movement and settlement of the Ngoni. For example, the Bena and Sangu were defeated by Munyugumba using the Ngoni tactics.

Name of teacher ……….

MGVSS History subject: History Ngoni Migration

Hence many areas where they passed were left mitration and depopulated. State why they were able to defeat the inhabitant of Southern Tanzania. Many small Ntemi chiefdoms came together united and formed larger political units under strong leaders to fight the Ngoni.