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“Can’t Be Saved” is the second single from Senses Fail’s second album, Still Searching. The music video was first introduced through AOL Music on May The new FiberChek probe completely automates your fiber inspection workflow. Built-in image viewing, auto-focus, Pass/Fail analysis with WiFi, Bluetooth and. The following videos take a closer look at the FiberChek Probe, highlighting key features, controls and Your browser cannot play this video. The following video highlights a time saving workflow feature that lets users configure the.

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If the fiber is not initially centered within the field of view you can use the left, right, up, and down arrow keys to adjust its position. If analysis has been performed, saving in.

Take appropriate actions that apply to your installation. FVD Microscope Components A large selection of adapters is available to accommodate a wide variety of connectors.

Ribbon Tips This calibration setting is recommended when using tips that are designed for inspecting ribbon connectors. Scratches are displayed as extending the entire length of the cladding and endpoints are not determined.

User Guide About FiberChek Backlighting of the fiber illuminates the core and allows you to inspect its condition. Following the steps below may weaken the security on your machine. These two fields used in combination can greatly improve the archiving efficiency. Caution should be taken when changing the resolution.

JDSU: User Manual – FiberChek2

The P probe requires an inspection tip and PC see system requirements, page 6. The Archiving section allows you to determine whether analyzed images are archived automatically or manually. Turn the Focus Control clockwise right until it stops. Click Cnt to begin software install. No additional software is needed to interface with these JDSU test platforms: Return the equipment, freight prepaid, to the address given by the support personnel.


All calibration settings can be customized, added, edited and removed by the user. Also, you can stretch the window to fill as much of your desktop as you prefer. When in focus, the fiber should be visible within the field of view.

ā€ˇFiberChekMOBILE on the App Store

fiberchej2 If you feel the software is being too aggressive you may want to soften those settings or vise-versa. Please be sure to have the following information available: We Ship World Wide!

Screen Resolution Color Quality If you experience problems with the graphics display on your PC verify that the Hardware acceleration slider is set to full. FiberChek2 comes preloaded with several profiles that allow you to get you started see page Opens comprehensive, searchable help topics.

Unpaid auctions will be forfeited after 5 days of the auction close and the Item s will be relisted for sale. At the top you name the profile, define the total number of zones and add password protection to the profiles menu, if desired strongly recommended. Items will be shipped within 24 hours 1 Business Day upon savd of payment from the winning bidder.

Other methods of payment are outlined through the online checkout process. Jewel A simplex fiber with a polyimide coating around the cladding, designed for exceptional environments. Items fiberchem2 be shipped within 24 hours 1 Business Day upon receipt of payment from the winning bidder. It also provides both the low- and high-magnification images along with a check box that allows you to toggle the defect overlays on and off.

This may be useful if you are not concerned with scratches or want to increase the speed of the processing.


Fiberchhek2 is a registered trademark of Molex Incorporated. If you have zoomed in you can pan across the image by left-clicking and holding within the image and then dragging in the desired direction.

Can’t Be Saved

The Following Items Are Included: Adjust crosshair manually if they have not defaulted or snapped to the edge properly. Other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Troubleshoot Startup Error Fibercnek2 Copy The Copy icon copies the image displayed to the clipboard. Then, with the Increment box checked, enter the numeric value to begin serializing count. The color quality should be at max. We accept credit card payment transactions via the online checkout system!

It lets users quickly and easily fibberchek2, capture,save, and print images of fiber end faces. Each camera is programmed during manufacture to encode what type of microscope, magnification and lighting is installed in that system.

JDSU Westover P USB Fiberscope Fiber Inspection w/ FiberChek Pro P | eBay

As such, you will need a unique profile for each fiber type you are working with, and possibly different profiles depending on the loss budget associated with a given product. Thread the tip and secure to probe. The Digital Fiber Microscope is equipped with a focus control located on the front of the unit.

Support personnel will determine if the equipment requires service. Ball Lens Optical devices that collimate light using a curved ball lens to a fkberchek2 beam diameter; ifberchek2 selecting this setting, specify cladding diameter.