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Thread: Canon DRc Scanner File Type: pdf DRC Pick up scanning application for the DRC/ C/ C. There may be. For details on the Properties dialog box, refer to the User. Manual. 9. Click the [ OK] button to exit the scanner settings. Specify the file name and the file type . That’s exactly what Canon’s latest high-speed DRC, DRC and DR- C capabilities while reducing costs and time consuming manual tasks.

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The test print is executed.

The roller holder returns to its original position when released. Eau Rouge Eau Rouge. Connect the supplied power cord into the power connector on the back of the scanner.

Remove the feed roller. Do not pull directly on the power cord, as this may damage or expose the cord s internal wiring, resulting in a fire or electric shock. When you want to eliminate black borders around scanned images Select [Border Removal] on the [Image processing] tab sheet.

Pull out the tray extension as needed for the length of your document. Never use alcohol, benzene, paint thinner, aerosol sprays, or any other highly flammable substance near the scanner. PATCH II When the scanner recognizes this patchcode printed on a patchcode 7550f, it creates a separate file starting from the patchcode sheet.

When the uncompressed saving format is selected in the application program, JPEG-compressed image data is reconverted to uncompressed data before it is transferred to the application. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting This section describes the problems that may occur during use of the scanner and how to solve them.


If the scanner makes strange noises, or gives off smoke, heat, or strange odors, or the scanner does not function or other abnormalities occur when you use the scanner, immediately turn the power switch OFF, and disconnect the power plug from the power outlet.

Selecting this mode enables the [Setting] button for opening the [Auto Image Type Detection Settings] dialog box, where you can make settings for auto image type detection. Check to verify the last saved image, and resume Return the jammed document page Canon DRc Scanner Thanx to all who have responded.

Skip Blank Page The scanner scans both sides of a document and skips saving the image of any canin it determines to be a blank page. The scanner starts scanning when it detects a document loaded in the Document Feed Tray. Canom [Image quality priority] is selected, [Auto-detection] is selected for the document size, the color mode is set to [bit Color], and the scanning side is [Duplex], the scanner may run out of memory and unable to scan the entire document.

Flletype Detection Option Barcodes on documents can be detected by installing the optional barcode module. Move the slider toward Soft to soften the image contours, or toward Sharp to sharpen the image contours.

User Manual DR-9050C/DR-7550C DR-6050C

Power Outlet Wipe the rollers using a moistened and firmly wrung- out cloth while rotating the rollers. Hint This section describes the operations by using Windows Vista as an example. Indicates a clarification of an operation, or contains additional explanations for a procedure. Push the roller lock lever up to lock the feed roller.


Moving towards [High Compression] increases the compression ratio. Microsoft and Windows are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

OS X Sierra Рcannot scan from Cano… РApple Community

For more information on CapturePerfect 3. A time stamp is appended to the file name indicating the time of scanning.

After you finish reading this manual, keep it in a safe place for future reference. Click the [Scanner Setting] button. Got it, continue to print. Pull the roller lock lever down. Names and Functions of Parts The names and functions fanon Vertical Offset Enter the distance from the top edge of the page.

I also replaced the seperation roller, still jams. Click [Yes] to proceed Click the [Continue] button.

If this does not solve the problem, make a note of the error code, and contact your Canon service representative. See Preparing the Document Feed Tray on p. Gently open the extension brpchure. Small Size Limitation Mark: This section describes the operations by using Windows Vista as an example.

Other product and company names herein are, or may be, the trademarks of their respective owners. Page 55 Chapter 4 Practical Examples 1.