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C-Gleis Weichen mit Servo in der Bettung erhältlich. Übergangsgleis C – M / C+ M-Gleis Geometrie 3L-Flexgleis Holzschwellen Code 83 Großpackung. Als Nachfolgeprodukt für das M-Gleis gibt es natürlich mehrere Parallelen in der Gleis- geometrie zwischen dem M-und dem C-. Gleis. So sind die verwendeten. You can also Google “Marklin C-track geometry” and there are a . Der C- Gleisrechner errechnet alle kombinierbaren Gleislängen, die mit 9.

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Maerklin issues plenty of informations, but mainly in German language and only with access at the German homepage. You cannot delete your posts in this forum. My lay-out videos General operation Loco change. I tried some of them in my track calculator and found many of those ‘impossible’ lengths that can be achieved to within less than 0,5mm For example mm can be obtained exactly with: Thanks The full Marklin catalog shows many diagrams about how the various Marklin C-track and K-track pieces work together.

It needs 11 pieces and can be solved exactly: You cannot reply to topics in this forum. Login to your marklin-users.

Maerklin C – Geometry

The two tools are hardly comparable, one is simple, static and incomplete table and is platform independentthe other is comprehensive, handles K, C and M tracks and also calculates lengths at various angles and ability d control tolerance limits, but needs Windows. Toys of tin and wood rule! I tried some of them in my track calculator and found many of those ‘impossible’ lengths that can be achieved to within less than 0,5mm.


You cannot create polls in this forum. Previous Topic Next Topic. My track length calculator can be obtained at: I am not sure of copyright, so my apologies to the author.

It is a ZIP file.

Wish to join the discussion?! You cannot vote in polls in this forum. DaleSchultz Originally Posted gleiis As already noted, on the straights the last 3 digits show the lengths in mm.


I do not see more than one calculator. I do not feel I have to sell this track calculator.

I went by the first paragraph that states that it uses up to 9 pieces. You also may use the 2 tables regarding to track length, etc. Here is a really useful table of distances up to 1 metre, showing the straight C track combinations you can use to achieve a particular length.

I get zero benefit from anyone using gleiis.

You cannot post new topics in this forum. It goes on to say that there is no solution for mm Quote: I tried some of them geometie my track calculator and found many of those ‘impossible’ lengths that can be achieved to within less than 0,5mm I usually work with 2 – 3 mm wiggle room. I never said anyone should use any particular calculator either, just pointing out limitations that I saw in one of them, and responding to other statements.


For my understanding you get more than these 9 possibilities there.

H0 Gleisplan für das C-Gleis: Viel Betrieb auf 3,6 qm mit drei Bahnhöfen

DaleSchultz I had not seen that table before, and I notice lengths that cannot be achieved are listed at the end. In the new catalog start on pp. You cannot edit your posts in this forum.

Forum Active Topics Login Register. If Ive got this right most curved tracks need 12 of them to make a complete circle, dependant on the radius, but I also need to know how the various straight track lengths relate to each other. C-tracks length differences – Langenausleiche bei Schienen – CDiff. But I guess you only get access to it via the German homepage version. NET This page was generated in 0.