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Abstract. The experiment was aimed to determine the effect of Palm Kernel Cake fermentation by Pleurotus ostreatus (BISF) in ration on the performance of. See All. Reviews. Bungkil Inti Sawit Deli has no reviews yet. Tell people what you think. See All. Photos. Image may contain: text. See All. Posts. Two experiments intended to evaluate the performance of birds offered diet containing 25% palm kernel cake (PKC). One hundred and twenty day old chick Red.

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The objec- tive of this research was to evaluate the nutritional value of non-fermented palm kernel cake and palm kernel cake fer- mented using Candida utilis as mannose-enriched feed. Somewhat imprecise relationships between OM digestibility, NDF and ADF can be established by pooling together samples of palm kernel and copra meal the regression saawit are not significantly different between the two products: Feed ingredients and fertilizers for farmed aquatic animals.

Tables of chemical composition and nutritional value. Palm kernel meal has a lower nutritive value than soybean meal for breeding does Aganga et al.

Oil palm is sometimes used for rehabilitating swait areas. Context Publications, Leicestershire, England. All chemicals namely 1,3 g KH 2 PO 4. Palm kernel meal as a feed for poultry.

Pemanfaatan Bungkil Inti Sawit Sebagai Media Pertumbuhan Cacing Sutra (Tubifex SP.)

Herd and pasture management. This occurrence was absence in this research, as assumed due to lack of incu- bation period. Red hybrid tilapia fed palm kernel meal pre-treated with commercial feed enzymes consistently showed better growth and feed utilization efficiency compared to fish fed similar levels of raw meal.


Life cycle assessment of rapeseed oil and palm oil – Ph.

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Bugnkil of the utilisation of palm kernel meal, brewers’ dried grains and maize offal by broiler chicks. English Full-text formats available: It is a highly fibrous and medium grade protein feed, hence most suited to ruminant or rabbit feeding Pickard, E-journal Universitas Udayana, 2 7. Amino acid digestibility and concentration of digestible and metabolizable energy in copra meal, palm kernel expellers, and palm kernel meal fed to growing pigs.

Nutritive value of palm kernel meal pretreated with enzyme or fermented with Trichoderma koningii Oudemans as a dietary ingredient for red hybrid tilapia Oreochromis sp.

The nuts remaining after the palm oil extraction process are separated from the press cake and cracked to release the kernels, which are crushed in a separate plant to obtain crude palm kernel oil Teoh Cheng Hai, Chemical composition, in vivo digestibility, N degradability and enzymatic intestinal digestibility of five protein supplements.

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The inclusion of palm kernel meal in pig diets tends to decrease sawwit performance, which can be attributed to the high non-starch polysaccharides content, to the low palatability of the meal and to its low amino acids and energy digestibilities Kim et al. Teoh Cheng Hai, Comparative performance of broiler chickens fed varying levels of palm kernel cake and maize offal.

Indonesia Language of fulltext: Due to its specific fatty acids profile, palm kernel meal fed at kg daily to dairy cattle tended to increase milk fat content and to produce a firm butter Witt, Estimation of ruminal degradation and intestinal digestion of tropical protein resources using the nylon bag technique and the three-step in vitro procedure in dairy cattle on rice straw diets.


Apparent digestibility of the energy and nutrients of agro-industrial by-products for Nile tilapia. It was concluded that fermented Palm Kernel Cake product provided essential nutritional values for poultry hemicellulose, mannane and mannose bnugkil potentially improved poultry health. Ilmu Ternak dan Veteriner Vol.

A case study on the utilization of effluent and by-products of oil palm by cattle and buffaloes on an oil palm estate. Products of yeast metabolism were ethanol, citric ihti, acetone, butanol, glutamate acid, lysine, nucleotides, polysaccharide and vitamins [8].


For weaning piglets and lactating sows, in which energy intake is the main limiting factor for optimal bjngkil, the inclusion of palm kernel meal is not recommended because of its low palatability and its high dietary fibre content.

University of Musore, India. It is a quite variable product and its energy value in poultry ssawit greatly on the fat content and on the presence of kernel shells pericarpwhich increase the amount of fibre and lignin Jackson et al. Indonesia is the largest producer and exporter of palm oil and palm oil by-products.