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Scientific Name. Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) Oken. Synonyms. Bryophyllum calycinum Salisb. Cotyledon pinnata Lam. Crassula pinnata L. f. Kalanchoe. Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) Kurz (Crassulaceae) is a perennial herb growing widely and used in folkloric medicine in tropical Africa, tropical America, India. Objectives: To study the effect of Bryophyllum pinnatum (Lam.) leaf extracts viz. petroleum ether, alcohol and water on healing of excision, resutured incision and .

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Global J Pure Appl Sci. Leaf press juice from Bryophyllum pinnatum Lamarck Oken induces myometrial relaxation.

An improved colorimetric procedure for urine oxalate. Similarly, total flavonoids were 4. A new genetic bryophtllum state. Search for plants having anticancer properties used by the tribals of Wyandu, Malappuram and Palghat districts of Kerala. Neurosedative and muscle relaxant activities of aqueous extract of Bryophyllum pinnatum. World Journal of Agricultural Sciences.

Sleep Quality Improves During Treatment With Bryophyllum pinnatum

Subsequently, the Paris naturalist Christiaan Hendrik Persoon reclassified it in the Kalanchoe calling it Calanchoe pinnatawith an orthographic variant. It can be concluded that sub-acute administration of the aqueous extract of B. Previous studies have reported that aqueous extract of Kalanchoe pinnata B.

Chaturvedi College of Pharmacy, Nagpur for providing necessary facilities at the institute and to Dr. Flowers are produced mainly during winter and spring.

Bryophyllum pinnatum – Wikipedia

Oyero, Jimoh and N. Application to patients with multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus. Antihypertension properties of Bryophyllum pinnatum Lam oken leaf extracts.


It is distinctive for the bryophylluk of miniature plantlets that form on the margins of its phyllocladesa trait it has in common with some other members of its genus. Medical or surgical stone removal and extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy are the latest options to manage and treat such stone disorders.

Shows normal architecture of testis with normal spermatogenic cell differentiation, and normal sperm production; C: Effect of Bryophyllum pinnatum leaf extracts on the body weight of rats against ethylene glycol-induced renal calculi. Intravenous tocolysis with Bryophyllum pinnatum is better tolerated than beta-agonist application. When the seedlings formed fall to the ground, they root and quickly give new plants.

Glossary of Indian Medicinal Plants. Perrier Boiteau Kalanchoe gryophyllum Steud. No serious adverse drug reactions were detected. How to cite this article: Subscribe to our Newsletter All our latest content delivered to your inbox.

Therapeutic effect of oral Kalanchoe Pinnata leaf extract in murine leishmaniasis. Additionally, testes of control and extract-treated rats showed normal histology with numerous seminiferous tubules containing spermatozoa concentrated in the lumen Figure 2A, B and C. Click on images to enlarge infestation Photo: The phytoconstituents of the plant obtained in this study included flavonoids, saponins, tannins and alkaloids, which were similar to those reported earlier brgophyllum 1520 ].

Written informed consent was obtained from all study participants. Faculfcitder Wiskunde in Naturwetenschappen, the Netherlands.


All 20 evaluated patients filled in the questionnaire at the beginning of the treatment and 3 weeks later. By analogy with the previous observational study on pregnant women, the study had been designed to include 50 patients. The yellowish-green to dark red coloured petals cm long are brykphyllum partially fused into a tube i. Some of the symptoms triggered by a cancer disease and initial treatment, for example, sleep disturbances and fatigue, are long-lasting, with cancer survivors experiencing them even more than 10 years thereafter.

The present review is an attempt to highlight the various ethnopharmacological and traditional uses as well as phytochemical and pharmacological aspects of B.

Weeds of Australia – Biosecurity Queensland Edition Fact Sheet

While or after undergoing cancer therapies, the most common symptoms cancer patients experience include excessive fatigue, leg restlessness, insomnia, and increased sleepiness. Left kidney was taken and washed thoroughly with ice-cold 0. Indian Medicinal Plants, periodical experts. The ovary has four carpelsslightly pinnnatum together in the center, with slender styles. Crown Agents for the colonies. Bryophyllum pinnatum inhibits detrusor contractility in porcine bladder strips—a pharmacological study towards a new treatment option of overactive bladder.

The method of Amelar et al.