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MaRisk is an acronym referring to the minimum requirements for risk management a circular by the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority ( Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht, BaFin) providing concepts. Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Minimum Requirements for Risk Management (MaRisk) – Page 1 of BaFin Translation -. The present. BaFin publishes amended Minimum Requirements for Risk MaRisk are to be complied with by all institutions within the meaning of Section 1.

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BaFin publishes revised MaRisk 2017 including clarifications on outsourcing

To facilitate this, data must be made available within a very short space of time, and must also be as complete and precise as possible. Content International developments Data aggregation: Central outsourcing management must submit to the management board a report regarding material outsourced activities and processes at least bafih a year.

In this regard, particular focus should be on the establishment of the information security officer function. The amended MaRisk amrisk apply in a proportional manner. Besides this, EU and national regulators provide guidance on the application of IT requirements in different fields. In future, therefore, the risk control function, the compliance function and the internal audit function must remain within institutions as far as possible.

This report must provide an assessment of whether the services performed by the external service provider correspond to the contractual agreements, whether the outsourced activities can be appropriately controlled and monitored and whether any further risk mitigation measures should be taken. BaFin has brought together the requirements for risk reporting in the new baffin BT 3.

Special requirements regarding the organisation of the internal control system for particular types of business and types of risk and the organisation of the internal audit function are laid down in modules in the Special Section BT modules. Harald GlanderYaprak Akyol.

The information security officer is responsible for all information security issues within the institution and with regard to third parties and must report to the management body on the status of information security regularly, at least once a quarter, and on an ad hoc basis.

In contrast, the use of software in order to identify, assess, vafin, monitor and communicate risks or to perform activities which are crucial for banking business would be deemed to be outsourcing.


In addition, responsibilities must be defined for all process steps and controls must be put in place. BaFin requires supervised entities to incorporate mariek information rights as well as the audit rights maintained by BaFin and the supervised entity into the contractual agreements between the supervised entities and cloud service providers.

These rights include the rights of access to the business premises, data centers, servers, and employees of the cloud service provider.

Breadcrumb You are here: In this regard, the BAIT explicitly states that “the depth and scope of the topics addressed in this Circular is not exhaustive” and that “institution s shall continue to be required bafi apply generally established standards to the arrangement of the IT systems and the related IT processes in particular over and above the specifications in this Circular”.

The information security policy should serve as the basis for more specific information security guidelines and processes in the institution.

Our microsite provides a useful guide to understanding the legislative developments required by MiFID2. The established principles-based character of the MaRisk has been preserved, allowing the banks enough leeway with regard to their practical implementation of the requirements. Key tools here are bank-internal systems of checks and balances and risk awareness within institutions.

Supervised entities are afforded flexibility in defining the nature and the scope of a risk assessment, and the results of the risk assessment must be taken into account in developing contractual arrangements between supervised entities and their cloud service providers.

This is intended to ensure that a central unit has an overview of outsourced activities and processes and is able to support the management board in controlling and monitoring the associated risks. Did you find this article helpful? Background and overview With the publication of a revised MaRisk, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority BaFin has specified the requirements in relation to risk management for financial institutions.

Food, Drugs, Healthcare, Life Sciences. For this reason, the new MaRisk provide a stronger foundation for sustainable corporate governance. Reports must be based on complete, precise and up-to-date data and must also give a future-oriented risk estimate.

Amongst others, these requirements include the strategic development of the institution’s organizational and operational structure of IT and of the outsourcing of IT services, the responsibilities and integration of information security into the organization and the strategic development of the IT architecture. Nonetheless, BaFin expects that, as a result of the requirements of AT 4. Tools Switch to article “Risikomanagement” in language De utsch.


Consequently, BaFin has intensified the focus of its supervisory activities on corporate culture and risk culture. The content of this article is intended to provide a general guide to the subject matter. Did you find this article helpful?

BaFin publishes revised MaRisk including clarifications on outsourcing

Two years later, it published its revised ” Corporate jarisk principles for banks”. The BAIT describe what BaFin considers to be suitable technical and organisational resources for IT systems, with particular regard to information security and suitable contingency plans.

In light of the BAIT, institutions should prudently review and, where necessary, amend their IT arrangements hafin processes. This article reflects the situation at the time of publication and will not be updated subsequently.

BaFin – Expert articles – MaRisk: New Minimum Requirements for Banks’ Risk Management

It is also essential that responsibilities across all levels of an institution are clearly specified and that employees are aware of the consequences of possible breaches. Their IT infrastructure must facilitate comprehensive and precise aggregation of risk exposures and must promptly make this information available to the banks’ reporting systems.

Further, an independent “information security officer function” must be established within the in-scope firm’s organization. Appropriate arrangements must ensure that after the application goes live the confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity of the data to be processed are comprehensively assured.

In our latest European Securities Law Update we provide a high-level insight into the recently published technical standards relating to risk retention and disclosure requirements. The MaRisk also clarify that risk reports must be based on complete, accurate and up-to-date data.

The new model does not change the frequency of reporting. In addition, the revised MaRisk requires large institutions and also institutions with extensive outsourced activities to establish an outsourcing management within the institution to ensure the overall monitoring and control of the outsourced activities. The audit right should also not be dependent on the concept of commercial reasonableness.

For the implementation of these new requirements, the BaFin has granted a transitional period of three years for O-SII.