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Eberron is a campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) role-playing Holmes e la Lega dei capelli rossi (Le avventure di Sherlock Holmes, #2) -. This 2-tohour adventure takes place in the world of Eberron. Date un’ occhiata anche alle altre mie avventure: La Tomba del Re e. » lokendil;» Le nostre Avventure;» D&D 5e – Eberron – “Il Numero 13” Tutto quello che c’è da sapere su Eberron!!! 1, 0, 8/7/, In: D&D 5e – Eberron .

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Every encounter can be scaled up or down to fit groups that are several levels higher or lower, and the tactics scaling sections let you make the monsters smarter or dumber to further tweak the difficulty to match your party. The adventurers are hired to escort supplies to the mining village of Phandelver, but intrigues and conflict swirl around the town as factions fight over a long-lost mine: With equal focus on Social, Beerron and Exploration encounters, this adventure steers away from the typical ‘hack-and-slash’ dungeon.

avcenture An old watchtower in the middle of a muddy field is far superior for a pair of young black dragons looking to start a family. You had the delegates under your protection, if only for a short while. Win or lose, things will never be the same again.

Ambientazioni di Dungeons & Dragons – Wikipedia

The farming village of The Stop is no exception. A races for riches and renown, who will be the ones to get there first and claim their prize? The adventurers are taskedwith investing strange events. Heavy mists have plagued the area around Phlan eberon weeks, even after the reported death ofVorgansharax, the Maimed Virulence. Only the howling of the wind fills the midnight air.


This adventure is appropriate for characters level 1 — 4 and optimized for level 4 characters. The Red Plumes have increased patrols in the region surrounding Hillsfar, and a string of disappearances has followed in their wake. Within the jungles of Chult lies a vast expanse of ash. As it turns out, it might be a longer journey than first imagined. Once an ennead, the Earthspur Mines are home to a competition between many dwarves.

Dragon Lance & Eberron

When winter breathes avfenture the mountains, temperature drops and fear rises. It can be played in a single evening hours. As with our other products, links embedded within the pdf will move you between entries and sections.

Unseen Acventure by James Introcaso. Hired for their expertise, the adventurers have joined the pursuit. Not much is revealed about the location or its inhabitants ebereon that adventure, however. However, a powerful item in the ancient fight against the giants is said to be housed there, and the cloud giant Baron Rajiram has committed significant resources toward recovering it. A storm of unparalleled fury has been ravaging the peaks of the Earthspur Mountains for a tenday, and the Monastery of the Yellow Rose sits in its eye for now.

What secret cargo is House Cannith hiding in an airship bound for Wroat? La serie fu un buon successo e supportata negli anni successivi da ulteriori manuali e romanzi. Bring your bathing suits, it is time to take a dip. Giants imbued with power of death itself threaten to permanently destroy the giant Ordning and small folk in their wake. Hurtling through time, you find yourself embroiled in a struggle to keep the fledgling town of Waterdeep from succumbing to a vicious Troll invasion.


The Golden Paragon Trading Company needs adventurers to find avventure underlying cause of their timber production problems. Join your factions and find out the truth behind the missing farmers. Ultimately, what secrets are held in the grain mill by the Westfork river? In altre lingue English Modifica collegamenti. The enigma may have been there all along or it might be new and the Blackstaff intends to figure it out using an ancient artifact from the reign of Emperor Shoon III. The bravest of the surviving goblins seek out heroes willing to confront their angered avventurs and negotiate for the survival of the village… or kill the god.

A little luck goes a long way too….

Sometimes the best choices can be the most dangerous. Are the incursions simply the woodland creatures defending their home, or is something more sinister happening in the ancient forest?

Where are these monsters coming from, how are they being procured, and what threat might this pose?

The Great List of Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventures

Included with the purchase avventuge the Fantasy Grounds conversion, full scale printable battle maps, and custom item and story award certificates. Candlekeep is under siege, and it needs adventurers to help protect it! URL consultato il 18 ottobre