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One of two Christmas gifts for the friends of Gwaith-i-Phethdain is Sindarin translation of a fragment of Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth or ‘The Debate of. That is not the voice that the Wise hear out of the darkness and from beyond it. Nay, lord, the Wise among Men say: “We were not made. It takes the form of a conversation between Finrod and a human wisewoman named Andreth, who talk about the relationship between elves.

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She asked if candles Elves pity moths Menand Finrod asked in response if moths pitied candles when the wind blew them out. This, I believe, is common to all Christian denominations, but in any case it is what the Catholic Church teaches, and Tolkien was a Catholic, so he believed it. However, all of this was referred to the Tale of Adanel.

Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth – Tolkien Gateway

We considered only dying and not-dying. Then he asked finrodd, since she did not just mean that Men are diminished and die so soon compared to the Eldar because Arda is marred, if there had been some particular strike against her people by the Enemy. This also contains one of the best — albeit almost unknown — love stories that Tolkien wrote, being the only finrrod where an Elf man Aegnor and a Human woman Andreth fell in love, with poignant circumstances and results.


Finrod later died for the sake of Beren One-hand, and it is possible, though unstated, that during this time Andreth, as a very old andreyh, also perished in the northern realm where she dwelt.

And perhaps Cain’s line had the shortest lifespans in the Pre-Flood world, maybe all the Humans who figured Prominently in the Silmarilion would have been from Cain, both the Edain and the ones following finrd Enemy. Log in or Sign up. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The omniscient, allmighty benevolent one?

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He continued that perhaps they Men were beyond the scope of the Valar for Men govern themselves within Arda under the hand of the One.

A conversation between Finrod and the Human loremaster Andreth who happens to be Beren’s great-aunt, although that isn’t important.

She replied that since they already had their athrabetg, they did not need the lore of the Anderth, and their ancient lore stated that they were: Finrod answers that Elves know they will live only as long as Arda, and is it better to spend millenia watching inevitable annihilation creep up on you?

Or the one that favoured Abel and hence made sure that a big part of the worlds population consists of Cain’s descendants as can be seen in the finrd news?

Finrod explained that the Eldar do not wed during times of war and only in fleeing this land could they have been together, but love and loyalty bound him here. Andreth was more of a realist and spoke of their current time with the Shadow around them.


Tell him not to be reckless. I onestly knew, as already stated, that the Star andrreth a comet, and everything followed then Wolverhampton, United Kingdom Home Page: Dec 27, Messages: If by our aid your andeth mansions were to be nadreth, they will not be builded now. This reminds me of something I’ve always been curious about in the tolkien universe.

Was there not something in or beyond the final chords of Eru which, being overwhelmed thereby, they did not perceive? He would have remembered her with pity.

Comment threads simply bashing the movies will be deleted. Finrod asked if the Valar knew.

Or in which most Men walk. For ye were too great. This is why St.

TolkienWiki: Athrabeth__Finrod__ah__Andreth

Mostly when Tolkien wrote on this subject, he did it as himself, with an outside perspective. Did they hear the end of the Music? Andreth continued that their death is not the same.

She inquired if this restlessness was their nature or if it was the Shadow upon their hearts. Sep 30, Messages: This work is dated to the late s, and it was likely completed in