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NORTH AMERICA RMA CHECKLIST You are sending your ASUS product in for inspection and Get the RMA Checklist Not the form you were looking for?. Upload a PDF or design from scratch flyers, magazines, books and more. Author: ydavidson, Catalog: Asus RMA CheckList, Published: Oct I am sending in my laptop for RMA. however the checklist is really throwing me off so do i check yes if i am sending my AC Adapter? or is that.

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You should have received the RMA instructions in a separate e-mail.

How to find serial number? Add Thread to del. Thanks again for your list of suggestions it is very nice and was reasonably helpful.

RMA Submittal Form (USA or Canada Customers ONLY)

View this thread in our forums! Hong Kong – Good, from personal experience. If any, please be advised that any unauthorized disclosure, copying, distribution or any action taken or omitted in reliance on this, is illegal and prohibited. Parts aeus ordered from the Asus repair facility in Russia and if parts are out of stock, they in turn order parts from Taiwan.

As a precaution gorm security each time I sent my tablet in I also wiped the user data. Make a list of what is wrong with the tablet and take some pictures or a video of the issue in case they ask you to send proof. Different ASUS product lines return may have a different repair center location.


Please cheecklist informed that we will not save any data from your previous notebook. An ASUS service manager jumped on a call with us and explained our RMA was longer than normal due to the part shortage of the video card that we were trying to get repaired.

Our only big gripe was hearing nothing from ASUS once they received our card for over two weeks. We accepted the offer by responding to chwcklist e-mail within 2 hours of receiving it on August 11th.

How to Send Your Tablet/Dock to Asus for Repair

I’ve searched their product listings and haven’t been able to find the AC adapter even listed anywhere as an available part.

There is no way to predict when the out-of-stock part will become available again and your best option is to continue calling Asus every few days to check on the status. ASUS was made aware of this article on August 29th, due to the legal disclaimer they use with all customer support e-mails.

Between Msi and Asus HenrisDec 21,in forum: Shipping USPS tends to have the cheapest shipping available. Please be sure to pack your notebook properly.

asus tablet repair

ASUS is not responsible for any of these components being damaged or lost. Tim4May 31, To top it off the e-mail is also full of character encoding issues that should be corrected. If you have a login password for windows, please make sure to provide the password.


In cases where the replacement part is out of stock, Asus will need to order the part from Taiwan. The time now is Please write a detailed description of the problem s preferably typed and include it with the notebook.

Asus RMA and Warranty Guide

HatshepsutMay 31, Do not use the box your tablet came in it has the serial number on it for future reference. Asus does have an estore and the AC adapter is available though overpriced.

The RMA instructions were rather lengthy and do not look like they have been updated in over a decade. For your reference,the RMA number is.

This whole process can take over half an hour. If you are entitled to free shipping for your RMA, make sure the representative you are on the phone with sends you the shipping email rmma you hang up.

Hope things will get better. QuadzillaMay 31,