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It is applicable to all pipelines and piping systems within the scope of: ASME B 4 – Pipeline Transportation Systems for Liquid. Hydrocarbons and Other. ASME B31G – Level 2 Option, otherwise known as RSTRENG is most commonly used in the pipeline industry. However, ASME B31G Level 2 that is based on. Integration with NDT tools. ▫ 3D surface measurements. ▫ UT. ▫ What’s next? ▫ Pit gage data entry interface. ▫ ASME B31G (), DNV RP-F

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The proposed Manual was made available for public review and comment that provides an opportunity for additional public input from industry, academia, regulatory agencies, and the public-at-large. The tables may be used to determine the maximum allowable longitudinal extent of a contiguous area of corrosion or an interacting cluster of metal loss areas. Measured Outside Circumference ODu: They were calculated from the equations for a Level 1 evaluation in accordance with the original B31G methodology.

As such, users of this Standard may interact with the Committee by requesting interpretations, proposing revisions, and attending Committee meetings.

Methods accounting for uncertainty in indirectly sized flaws include increasing the flaw dimension in order to account for detection tool error, or statistical analysis of the probable flaw sizes or risk of failure. Size px x x x x The flow stress can be calculated as either 1. We need your help to maintenance this website.

“ASME B31G” Piping Code Enhancements for AutoPIPE

Minimum Wall Thickness tn: For a corroded profile defined by n measurements of depth of corrosion including the end points at nominally full wall thickness, n! No part of this document may be reproduced in any form, in an electronic retrieval system or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Requests that are not in this format may be rewritten in the appropriate format by the Committee prior to being answered, which may inadvertently change asmme intent of the original request. L, Contract B31ggDec. Sperko, Sperko Engineering Services, Inc.


ASME procedures provide for reconsideration of any interpretation when or if additional information that might affect an interpretation is available. If using a grid pattern, the analysis must be repeated along each meridian to establish the governing solution. They provide a ready reference of maximum corrosion lengths for a range of pipe sizes and depths of corrosion. The B31 Standards Committee regularly holds meetings, which are open to the public. Wall Thickness Schedule Type tnu: Coym, Intertek Moody C.

The nominal pipe diameter and wall thickness or the measured pipe diameter and wall thickness can be used for the ASME B31G checks. The application of B31G has enabled pipeline operators to reliably determine safe operating pressure levels for pipe affected by corrosion, and to determine whether repairs are necessary in order to continue operating safely.

Cite the applicable paragraph number s and the topic of the inquiry. If known with confidence, the actual uncorroded wall thickness may be used with a Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 evaluation, with a suitable adjustment of the hoop stress due to internal pressure.

There is no single safety factor that is suitable for all aeme of pipeline construction, for all modes of pipeline operation, or for all types of flaws or anomalies.

ASME B31G Corrosion Calculator : Pipeng Toolbox

Depth, d, mm Aame establishing the safety factor for a given pipeline segment, the pipeline operator shall give consideration to the accuracy of corrosion depth and length measurements, rates of corrosion growth, the characteristics of the pipe, the reliability of surge control or excess pressure limiting methods, and the presence of external factors that affect risk.

It typically relies on detailed measurements of the corroded surface profile, accounting for the actual distribution of metal loss, and involves repetitive computations that may be facilitated by the use of computer software or spreadsheets. Frey, Stress Engineering Service, Inc. It is not a property specified in a material grade or asmw product standard.

Approved revisions will be published periodically. Incorporation of these other methods into a recognized Code document provides the pipeline operator or other user with a formalized framework within which to use such methodologies, as well as a wider range of ame technical options with which to make an evaluation.


ASME B31G – Free Download PDF

These tables are carried over without change from earlier editions of ASME B31G and have been supplemented by the addition of tables in metric units. There is an option available to automatically receive an e-mail notification when errata are posted to a particular b31y or standard.

If the exact measured value is not listed, choose the row showing the next greater depth. Consideration shall be given to the disposition of workmanship flaws or manufacturing flaws within a weld or seam that could interact with metal loss due to corrosion.

A majority of these other methods are based on the same theoretical model from which the original B31G method was derived, but may offer some refinement in accuracy. Silvia, Process Engineers and Constructors, Inc.

When evaluating anomalies identified by inline inspection, use of larger factors of safety will result in smaller flaws being left in service following field investigation and pipeline repairs. Pressure Design Wall Thickness xf: It has also been recognized, through theoretical analysis, scientific research and testing, and industry operating experience, that some amount of metal loss due to corrosion can be tolerated without impairing the ability of the pipeline to operate safely.

Pressure derating is required if the allowable pressure is less than the maximum operating pressure. Cases may be issued for the purpose of providing alternative rules when justified, to permit early implementation of an approved revision when the need is urgent, or to provide rules not covered by existing provisions. In these cases, a revised reply bearing the original interpretation number with the suffix R is presented.

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Cite the applicable edition of the Standard for which the interpretation is being requested.