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AMEB syllabi are developed by leading Australian musicians and AMEB classical guitar exams are divided up into levels, starting at the. The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) for guitar exams are divided up What are the pros and cons of an AMEB classical guitar exam? but there is so much more to learn and covered in the syllabus that can cover Jazz, Blues, . The AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) is a body that is dedicated to The AMEB Classical Guitar syllabus is divided into the three levels, namely.

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Three pieces in total are chosen and it is recommended the pieces be chosen from the series 2 AMEB classical guitar syllabus released in It is recommended to concurrently study music theory AMEB Theory exams are available online though this does not become compulsory until Grade 5. Upon completion of their AMEB practical exams candidates are presented with a nationally recognised certificate. Email required Address never made public. A schedule of practice and things to focus on weeks out from the exam Part Seven: Obviously, the best way to make sure you do well is to be well prepared.

Confused about AMEB Classical Guitar Exams?

There are many testimonials from my current students on my webpage to back this up! Students may choose one piece from lists A, B and C to ensure chosen pieces have the required technical and stylistic contrast. Well, I would suggest going through a number of checks with yourself to help make the decision. These pieces ameeb of course be of the same technical level as the grade being studied — though the student and teacher may choose and cater towards the preference of the student.

AMEB Classical Guitar Exams – Guitar Lessons in Zetland, Sydney

Set Pieces Three pieces in total are chosen and it is recommended the pieces be chosen from the series 2 AMEB classical guitar syllabus released in Enrolment forms can be downloaded from the AMEB website and submitted personally by the student or parent or alternately Media Luna Guitar Tuition can take care of all enrolment details.

AMEB has been assessing students zmeb and is the only examinations board that has formal links with Australian Universities and Ministries of Education. General Knowledge The general knowledge section encompasses what one learns throughout the course of guitar lessons in relation to harmony, theory and history of music.


The grades can be seen as achievement for children and adults alike and setting these goals can provide a positive sense of progression. The repertoire list is carefully selected by an expert panel to ensure that in choosing one piece form each list, a candidate gets to learn and play a wide range classiczl styles and genres. Next post New Album Review: For example — What to wear? In the meantime, happy practicing!

Rule School of Guitar offers students the opportunity to prepare and confidently do the AMEB classical guitar exam at the appropriate grade. A schedule of practice and things to focus on in the 4 weeks before your exam Part Eight: At around Grade 7 and beyond it can take up to two years for each exam… So for an average student the road from Preliminary to LMusA could potentially take up to 17 years!

And daily practice or at least 6 out of 7 days is really crucial. The AMEB Australian Music Examinations Board is a body that is dedicated to the evaluation and examination of students of sylabus performing arts including speech, drama and music, and is linked to major Australian universities as well as the Ministry of Education. In short — to acquire the control and nuances to play with real musicality.

Below is a short piece played by one of my most promising young students.

Preparing for a classical guitar exam: Part one – deciding when the time is right

The examiner will be happy to adapt to the vocal range of the candidate. Working on the technical elements Part Four: If a classic guitar student practices consistently and diligently, then the path to a successful exam result is pretty much secured. maeb

This, of course, is not the way to go about things; it is just my advice based on approaches that have worked for me personally across maaaaaany years and nearly as many exams across not just guitar, but other instruments too. If yes, good, now its time to ask yourself some other questions….

What length of time each day or week will depend on your current developmental level, how quickly you learn and develop and so on. The pieces being performed both by myself and by some of my talented students.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your Twitter account. Taking The AMEB Classical Guitar Exam Most of the graded exams follow a similar structure, but obviously each grade gets more challenging and more is expected from the candidate.

Both styles are catered for with the most recent series of publications by the AMEB.

Tips on preparation in the week before your exam Part Ten: The ultimate aim of technical practice is to hone dynamic control, tonal variety and appropriate phrasing. As the old saying goes: The extra list pieces broaden the scope and ensure a fair amount of playing has been done in preparation fo the exam. The examiner will be happy to adapt to the vocal range of the candidate Extra Pieces Grade 2 onwards From grade 2 onwards candidates must prepare 5 pieces instead of 3.

Confused about AMEB Classical Guitar Exams? – Media Luna Guitar Tuition

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The scales and arpeggios need to be played from memory, while the technical exercises may be played with the music in front of the candidate.

Aural Tests Development of listening skills is an integral part of being a well-rounded musician and impacts on all areas of being a musician. For example, choosing additional music in the blues or flamenco style if this is something with which the student feels the most affinity for. Please feel free to contribute your own comments, suggestions, tips and advice on preparing for exams on this page and as we go along.

AMEB classical guitar exams are divided up into levels, starting at the Preliminary stage, moving up to Grade 1 up to Grade 8.

Technical Work There is no scope for interpretation here and all scales and exercises are to be presented exactly as written in the AMEB Technical Work book.