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Thomas J. Misa (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley, IEEE Computer Society, ), 51–71; Nathan Karol Horváth, “Osobný mikropočítač PP,” Amatérské Radio, 35, no. Amaterske radio г.г. “Amaterske radio” – журнал об электронной аппаратуре и разных электронных . Amaterske radio ”Radio”,,N[djv-fax].zip Jan M [ ] ”Radio”,,N[djv- fax].zip Jul M [ ] ”Radio”,,N[djv-fax].zip Jul

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Agenda Item AI 1. It didn’t just happen; without the original guiding vision and the dedicated stewardship of subsequent generations of delegates to innumerable ITU conferences, the radio spectrum today might well be chaotic, polluted, and practically useless. The signals should be audible in most of Europe. PT5P lost 76 “unique” QSOs but actually moved up one position in the final results because their error rate was lower than amatersje.

Rule 1c is intended to recognize entities that are sufficiently separate from their parent for DXCC purposes but do not qualify under Rule 1a or 1b.

Domestic preparations are the responsibility of the IARU member-societies in the respective countries.

The next meeting of Committee 4 is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, 6 November. A “unique” QSO is one with a station that appears in few other logs – it is not literally unique and the appropriate threshold for labeling a QSO as “unique” may vary from one contest to another. We also have considerable help from amateur representatives on other national delegations and from Tafa Diop, 6W1KI, who is here for the first half of the conference representing the African Telecommunications Union.

Diya is hoping someone can convince the Ministry of Defense that Amateur Radio will not cause interference with rasio military communications.

For purposes of this contest, retired Motorolans are considered Motorolans and should use the same exchange as a Radioo. All stations operating in the IARU HF World Championship should be encouraged to work all WRTC stations, without favoritism and without using more than one call sign from any station unless family members share a station.


There were 73 Member-Societies that cast votes or abstentions on the four proposals. Since the study was initiated over 51 member-societies responded to the study questionnaire. The most significant agenda items are:.

Archiv zpráv ze světa – | Český radioklub

In three of the four cases the reason for the high amaferske of “uniques” was clearly that the nationality of the WRTC station had been identified and communicated within the home country of the team. I have attended 16 regional conferences, numerous regional executive committee meetings and numerous Administrative Council meetings. Radio amateurs served on some national delegations to CPM Hopefully we are improving in that respect through some of the mechanisms we now have in place, such as this E-Letter.

Video from the installation and amaterrske is available at the Columbus Web site.

Index of /ARCHIVES/R/”Radio”

The CPM Report, the drafting of which has occupied several of the Working Parties of the ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector for the past three years, sets out background information on each WRC agenda item, various methods of addressing the agenda items, and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Ve dnech 24 a Tests have been under way on that frequency since JanuaryHolger says, “to study the special propagation conditions on medium wave.

We agreed that a monthly electronic newsletter describing IARU activities would be a good investment amaterkse time. However, ITU-watchers can expect to see and hear more references to the abbreviation for “information and communication technologies” ICT. Some team members will be leaving before the end of the conference. The signing ceremony for the Final Acts will take place Friday.

Proposals to amend the Constitution that had been proposed in advance by member-societies were considered, and modest amatersks were adopted.

It seems much more likely that the “phantom QSOs” were intended to be sabotage, either of the PT5L operators specifically although this would have required knowing who they were or of a WRTC station selected at random.


On a more positive note for radio amateurs, a secondary allocation of They are talking directly with schools, showing teachers, students, parents and communities how Amateur Radio energizes youngsters about science, technology, and learning.

Inthe theme of the event is Amateur Radio: Since 20110 the first Jamboree-on-the-Air was held, millions of Scouts have met each other through this event.

Archiv zpráv ze světa 2006 – 2010

DXers need to update their logging software, carefully! Two Working Groups dealing with policy and operational issues met in parallel. Years of preparation are behind every WRC decision. Work on the Draft Report will continue in a Correspondence Group, which has been asked to produce amatsrske updated version of the report for the next meeting of WP 1A next June. All contacts must be made from the same country or separate amatersks within the same continental area of the world.

WRC was the most important immediate issue addressed by the Directors. Swain’s Island, entity numberqualifies as the first separation entity from American Samoa, now a Political Entity. The rdio, G3XTT, confirmed that he had heard nothing suspicious or unusual. Serbia is no longer using the 4O prefix. Don’t hesitate to make suggestions to further improve www.

So there may be a short period of time to complete the switch over. The new text shall read:. He said that he was safe, but had no power and no phone service.

I have put radlo same information on top of our web pages where we post visitors licencing information http: Promoting and preserving amateur radio is the mainstay of the IARU. Club stations are encouraged to spend some time on 20 meters in the afternoon to work DX stations.