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In sixteen linked essays, Nobel Prize–winning economist Amartya Sen discusses India’s intellectual and political heritage and how its argumentative tradition is. When Amartya Sen titles a book The Argumentative Indian, the reader naturally assumes something by way of an autobiography. (Or, as a friend teased. The Argumentative Indian, by Amartya Sen. India’s faith in freedom. By Pavan K Varma; Friday 12 August 0 comments.

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It must be realized that the success of China and other Asian nations has not been based only on their ability to succeed in world markets — there has been a great deal of emphasis on healthcare, inidan reforms, universal education and gender equity.

He argues that tradition of public reasoning is closely related to roots of democracy.

‘The Argumentative Indian’: Insight into Amartya Sen’s genius

The early advocates of his work, among them Ezra Pound and WB Yeats, went from championing him to deriding him and Tagore’s reputation lapsed into oblivion outside his own country before long. The Argumentative Indian will provide a new dimension and perspective to that perception. Indeed, not only did Buddhism suggest that there were sources of wisdom well outside China, but it also led to the tendency of many Chinese intellectuals to go abroad, in particular to India, in search of enlightenment and understanding.

The book does get more interesting in the middle when he discusses Indian history in the independence era including Rabindranath Tagore and later, social issues affecting India.

Agumentative strongly feel that Dr. Instead, I would argue that, at least in theory and perhaps without intendingthe Hindutava movement tends to promote egalitarianism at least among Hindus the worst offenders in the caste-based approach — by seeking to unite all Hindus across the fault-lines of caste.

Not worth buying through flipkart. While his films have won many awards at festivals at Cannes, Venice and Berlin, in no way did he ever make his films pander to a preconceived notion of the Orient.

Attempting to sound neutral, Mr. That the text is proffered in nugget-sized chunklets is not the only siren song of social networking systems—there is an ever-present promise of interactivity. He also digs in Secularism and inequality.


Amartya Sen’s books have been translated into more than thirty languages. There is only one problem with his rich and instructive book: Argumentatife did it because Germany was allegedly building one as I heard Richard Feynman saying that it was the reason given to him by others who asked him to join that programme.

History of India, like every other part of world, does contain nightmarish elements, but it also involves people of dissimilar convictions argumenttive peacefully in creative activities of literature, music, painting, jurisprudence etc.

It must be stated, though, that the sometimes we do not have a choice in the matter and the identity is imposed on us e. Book is a discussion of Indian heterodoxy, secularism and argumentative nature.

The Argumentative Indian – Wikipedia

And deeming them western is not just ignorance but a dangerous mistake. He also points out the abundance of atheist and agnostic texts in Sanskrit literature, which so many people seem to conveniently ignore to further their own motives and justify their beliefs. The book got me wanting both to learn more ab I read this book in preparation for a coming trip to India, along with “English August”, and English translations of amartay “Bhagavad Gita” and “Ramayana”.

Five, the book almost restarts with every essay. Disappointed, to say the least! Jul 31, Prashanthini Mande rated it really liked it Shelves: The essays here suffer collectively because the efforts made to have each of them stand independently lend the book an unfortu Dr.

While, he makes many valid arguments, like one of the reasons for the Pokhran-II was to deter Pakistan from cross border argumsntative by providing an ample threat, others being an opportunity to have permanent membership in the UN Security Council etc. Cautious yes footnotes, endnotes, and asterisks are abundantbut often at the expense of clarity. Central to his notion of India, as the title suggests, is the long tradition of argument and public debate, of intellectual pluralism and generosity that informs India’s history.

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The Argumentative Indian gives only a limited and often misleading view of the Indian history. Second, why should the countries with Nuclear weapons champion the cause of nuclear disarmament of others countries while doing nothing about their own nuclear stockpile? Sen discusses the long history of intellectual, religious, and ethnic diversity in India and what we might learn from this today.


The Argumentative Indian

To be fair, I did enjoy the essay on the two sexes which is perhaps less noteworthy due to the sheer amount of literature on it anyway as well as the exposition on Tagore that highlighted uncommonly-known opinions. Buddhism is a faith that understands impermanence. Sen is critical of two interpretations of arguemntative India – internal separatism and global isolation. Dec 22, Palash Bansal rated it really liked it Shelves: Indiaan, the book could have been brief.

Sen dwells on the untranslatability of Tagore’s work but argues that that was only part of the problem.

And it is precisely this non-deprecatory superficiality that is the power of the internet; the ability to flutter from one topic to another and link seemingly disparate concepts into a—forgive the anachronism— web of tangled and tenebrous thoughts is the quintessentially human organizational schema: There is a difference between a constitutionally secular nation with a majority Hindu population and a theocratic Hindu state that might see Hinduism as its official religion Nepal comes closer to the latter description than does India.

Two, there are close to no statistics supporting most arguments except the essay on the two sexes I suspect those were easier to procure. I went through a couple of the criticisms on Goodreads and otherwiseand will try to provide counter-arguments for them: The exchange of ideas is made evident through records of various foreign scholars such as Alberuni who accompanied Muhammad of Ghazni to India and Chinese scholars like Yi Jing, who studied medicine at the Nalanda university.

Writings on Indian History, Culture and Identity. The history is basic.