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As it happens, by *ahem* leveraging some systems in the game, you can in fact turn a high-quality gem plus some low-quality components into. Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide. Blacksmithing Station. The system in place for Blacksmithing in Kingdoms of Amalur is quite interesting and quite fun. Kingdoms of Amalur at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and Blacksmithing uses Components to create weapons and armor from.

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Sign up using Facebook. Also, kill some NPC critters. Rogues wear leather armor which gives bonuses to critical damage. If you really want to get there sooner, you can also savescum it a bit and reload to right before you smelt blacksmithijg a few things to keep trying for specific materials.

QCTeamkill QCTeamkill 6 years ago 3 There is a minimum amount of skill points required in blacksmith to be able to collect rare elements, look into the milestones descriptions. These low level components will also be in most to every overturned wagon in the game so as you go on you will have a surplus of filler components which will mainly just buff your health by 5 or something.


Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide

That’s based on my playthoughs at least. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Kingdoms of Amalur: Nope, you’re stuck with what you’ve got. Yeah, Reckoning is pretty good about blackxmithing you back the useful components when you break something down. Trainers are segregated into three tiers: Also its good because you have everything you may want when crafting including a forge, sagecrafting table, merchant, and a small location that is easy to traverse very fast to gather components.


This alters the base damage of the weapon or armor to make it better. Don’t forget, you blacksmithong earn a maximum of 40 skill points for your character — points from trainers and skill books are considered valuable bonuses.

There’s a next tier of components higher blacsmithing what ur findings now. I do sympathize though as I have a specific memory of stealing a few weapons from the shops which took a while only to find the effort to be wasted on bad materials. Depending on your playstyle everystat can help blacksmithing in some way but my favorite include enoughpoints to craft pristine gems and sometimes master gems, stealth for stealing near people, lockpicking once and a while, and detect hidden.

Kingdoms of Amalur Blacksmithing Guide

To create an item, a “core” component is needed along with a second component and up to two additional components. There is a minimum amount of skill points required in blacksmith to be able to collect rare elements, look into the milestones descriptions.

The following sections present the various pieces of data related to blacksmithing, or an alternative presentation in the form of a spreadsheet can be found here. Email Required, but never shown. Blacksmithing blacksmithhing the game way easier. In this case respecing is a good idea to make all your stats 0 or whatever your initial racial skills are.

That’s pretty amalkr to the method I’ve found on the Internet, but I want to test it and I wanted to see if anyone else had come up with something.


This is because when you enter the city at a high enough level the merchants will have prismere and sylthite grade weapons stored in chest and stuff. Maximize your sagecrafting skills.

Then, using the scientific miracle of quicksaves, I salvaged all six of them six times and recorded the results. While in the tutorial you will probably pick up a ton of blacksmifhing weapons and armor. This item has been added to your Favorites.


A Start to Blacksmithing. Every enemy even the bosses will be extremely easy to kill even out of reckoning mode. Creating Mastercrafted equipment and weapons is unlocked at the highest level of the Blacksmithing skill. As you level though you will notice most skills help blacksmithing either directly threw crafting gems or by allowing you to find hidden loot caches which have more loot to scrap.

It is possible to get multiple robust ingredients e. Would it be possible for you to edit this to make it more readable? June 5, at Repair Kits can be bought for under gold at various blacksmithies and used to fully repair an item no matter the condition, making them a much better investment. R wiki but I think its fun to try out different stat combonations on your own.

You might get a legendary in one chest one playthrough, and the next you might get a couple of junk items and some potions. Arqade works best with JavaScript enabled. Sign up using Email and Password. I am playing a Thief character. The method itself relies on two game mechanics: If you are lucky enough it will break down into 2 separate pieces with the same stats as the gems you.

This item is incompatible with Kingdoms of Amalur: Components and Items of Interest. While relatively cheap, Repair Kits are best saved for high-quality items which might require lots of gold to be repaired by NPCs, or for repairs in the field when returning to an NPC is not possible.

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