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Alesis MultiMix8FireWire Manual Online: About The Multimix 8 Firewire, All-in- one Mixer And Multichannel Computer Audio Interface. The MultiMix FireWire. MultiMix 8 FireWire – Reference Manual – Alesis. Views. 4 years ago. Firewire, · Multimix, · Audio, · Recording, · Mixer, · Inputs, · Channels, · External. 9 user reviews on Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire. The manual is pretty brief, but I don’t think you need anything more. I’ve uses it with cubase, garage band and.

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When we have big sessions we borrow each other the mixers since you can firewirr them together via FW, which increases the number of inputs by two. The MultiMix 8 FireWire gives you just about everything you need. Setting your white balance correctly saves time and frustration when it comes time to edit and opens up artistic options in the field.

Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire Audio Mixer Review

Not rack-mountable, small 8″x8″separate power supply. Did you find this review helpful? As usual AC plugs alone on the Mac, and the firmware update was done without any difficulties. Just take a look at the key features listed below.

Audio Signal Flow for Videographers.

What I like the most is the ease of use, the different inputs and its particularly short latency time. Not many home studio units offer that in this price range. Perfect to record multi-track gigs live. Alesis may have the answer for video pros mxnual the go, or those just looking for a space-saving option.

The MultiMix FireWire mixers are mmultimix latest in the large muktimix of. After the required reboot, our desktop CPU still ran about 25 degrees warmer than before the install. Manual level, I have not had need, but to have it slip it looks clear. How would you rate the product’s value for money? And then the connectors for the photo will tell you everything. Since that time audio technology has grown in leaps and.


The second firewire port to connect an external HDD is also very useful. Log into your account.

Use it as a stand alone mixer or recording console. The power switch is right firrewire to the Phantom Power switch so if you turn mulrimix on and hear nothing odds are you hit the wrong power button. I am a student, not rich, not happy.

So I think it can be considered a good soundcard. It is a non-powered mixing board and recording console all in one. They go so far as to include a step-by-step guide for working with the bundled software, Cubase LE. How well is connected to AC power? The manual is pretty brief, but I don’t think you need anything more. Garage Band is plug it like to laugh, I do not use the sound card’s built-in Mac everything goes through the multimix.

The high pass filter helped smooth out the canned sound produced by the super-cardioid. How to Sync Dual System Sound.

Knob with hard stops Auxiliary Sends Returns: Arf not funny I know – Introduced she breath? The hand-potentiomtres mix control room and tend to cut first the kultimix lane when they are positioned low trs. Also I got a manual for Cubase which was more than helpful. When I bought it was the first FW mixer at this price point and, to be honest, I was surprised by the results for the money!


I’m a little mixed between the main mix and remote ctrl but I got there fast enough The MultiMix FireWire is also a full-duplex, multichannel.

Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire Audio Mixer Review – Videomaker

Small nuances like these make it highly functional for the price. What I love about this mixer manuxl that the usual controls are directly accessible with the rotary knobs. For the rest of the details go to Alesis’ website. This quality is much better than you would get from adding analogue filters either live or in post-production. As part of our audio mixer review, we tested the MultiMix 8 FireWire with a vocal condenser firewkre requiring phantom power, as well as an ENG Electronic News Gathering style super-cardioid microphone.

The details can be easily found online! Alesis audio mixers and the second series that includes computer.

User reviews: Alesis MultiMix 8 FireWire – Audiofanzine

It’s prefect for a laptop with only one firewire port. I informed myself about other models, but unfortunately didn’t test any of them. In fact, I put in a backpack my ultra-portable PC, the mixer, two pairs of headphones and various cables.

Log in Become a member. Sort by most recent most useful. Specifications Page 56 Page 57 – Chapter Nine: Alesis multimix12firewire audio mixers: Especially it brings more heat to the sound.

Yes, a couple of models here and there M-audio and rme soundcards.