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BBN Exclusive Interview with Ahmedin Jebel | Dr Abiy Ahmed Ustaz Ahmedin Jebel is Ethiopian religious writer and leader of Ethiopian Muslim. Tag Archives: Ahmedin Jebel. Ethiopia: Euphoria and mixed feelings as prisoners of conscience walk free. by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (February 14, ) A. Over political prisoners released including Ahmedin Jebel,Andualem Arage, Eskinder Nega, and Kinfemichael Abebe.

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In this process, and to his surprise, he found the story of Pharaoh and Moses to be freshly insightful and relevant to his condition. They preached peace, justice and the birthright to live like a human being.

But no doubt, their full recovery will wait the day Ethiopian Muslims start walking their head held high and enjoy their long-due full rights as citizens. With this book, the author redeploys the story of Pharaoh and Moses and meticulously sets out his views on the contemporary applicability of its lessons.

Ethiopians, both Christians and Muslims, should consider this book as a call for action and take steps to collaborate with him, and amongst each other, in order to complete building this common ground or common grounds by picking up where he left off.

Shmedin author chooses to write in a style typical of Ethiopian political conversation — one that is full of innuendo and allusion, leaving just enough room for deniability while at the same time allowing the reader to grasp the intended meaning.

He emphasizes ahmerin the separation of religion and state is critical for a multi-religious society such as Ethiopia and that no one group should use state power to oppress or discriminate against others.

My stay was too short to count but too hard to forget.

BBN Exclusive Interview with Ahmedin Jebel | Dr Abiy Ahmed

They prayed peace for their motherland, love for its people, coexistence with their neighbor, patience against the brutal crackdown and a repeated call for justice. The epiphany, the initial spark, which eventually led to the writing of an entire book, arose during the initial phase of his detention when he was being tortured. I might have been joking but it was exactly what happened to aymedin. Without any hesitation, I decided to attend and personally experience for the first time what I anmedin been watching on social media for couple of months.


Although one cannot say with confidence that the author has succeeded in building a common discursive terrain on which both Christians and Muslims would be equally comfortable, he has no ahmedih started laying strong foundations. Everyone from all walks of life was present; all camped in the mosque and spent the next two days weeping and praying.

The author describes in great detail how Pharaohs use intricate means of co-option, propaganda and coercion to stay in power and, and zhmedin an interesting move, lays most of the responsibility for the existence of pharaonic dictatorships at the feet of their subjects.

In the weeks I arrived from abroad the government had already started threatening, torturing and imprisoning protestors. After going through the familiar motions of how Moses called for monotheism, he reintroduces Moses as a human rights activist and a leader of anmedin liberation movement.

At the end of the two day uproar for justice, the committee gave an appointment to convene in the first day of Ramadan, Friday July 20, in the Grand Anwar mosque.

He sees such communality as his personal ethical obligation ordained by the Quran in addition to being a necessary step which, if not taken, may lead to the disintegration of Ethiopian civil society and state.

Ibrahim, for Addis Standard.

Legitimacy at home is legitimacy abroad. Members of the arbitration committee and prominent personalities of the community emotionally addressed the gathering.

Book Review: ‘Pharaoh: The Symbol of Dictators’: By Ahmedin Jebel

All what we hear was the government planning a full-scale crackdown. The scar of the post-release trauma that snatched my sleep at night and triggered irresistible weeping still resonates with me. Reviewed by Abadir M. In fact, he aahmedin political actors to learn from the moral teachings of the Bible and the Quran which, among other things, teach the perils of mixing religion and state power.

Ahmedin Jebel severely beaten and tortured | ethiopiantimes

A conclusion that underpins the entire book is its unflinching dislike for dictatorship and its support for liberty and rights. He regularly alludes not just to the need for Christians and Muslims to focus on commonalities but calls for unity in many specific respects. It is a real story of the oppressed being oppressed in broad daylight. It was my first day to participate in the weekly Friday protest and it was by a mare chance a silent protest.


Many were imprisoned, abused and brutally beaten. He writes that he was taken to solitary confinement between torture sessions where he would read the Quran to comfort his soul. After describing what pharaonic regimes are, and closely following the story of Moses and Pharaoh, the author then describes how and why pharaonic regimes persist and how they can be successfully resisted.

But they made it and they made it with an outstanding commitment and remarkable flexibility in strategies.

Addis Abeba, May 12, — The author wrote the book during his time in prison, where he remains for over four and a half years at the time this review is published. He can be reached at AbadirM. But even in such inhuman onslaught, protesters were peaceful. In the face of a brutal authoritarian state that needs no reason to attack citizens, the Ethiopian Muslims rocked the nation from east to west-north to south with sensationally peaceful and exceptionally coordinated in-mosque protests.

The capital city then erupted with Azan call for prayer and a huge mass from all corner of the city started marching towards Awolia. At the end of my first week, there was a crackdown on Awolia mosque at one misfortunes night.

A aumedin of peril or prosperity for the Somali Region? Despite the false accusations, heinous propaganda and brutal crackdown, we were unwavering in demonstrating to the nation and the world how people is power and how a neglected community can stand up when cornered and stifled.