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PDF | Agave cupreata Trel. & Berger is an endemic plant naturally distributed in the Balsas Depression, a semiarid region in the states of Guerrero and. Agave Species, Dwarf Cowhorn, Century Plant, Maguey. Agave cupreata. Agave cupreata by palmbob · Thumbnail #2 of Agave cupreata by palmbob. Agave cupreata Trel. & Berger is an endemic plant naturally distributed in the Balsas Depression, a semiarid region in the states of Guerrero and Michoacán in .

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Although such actions are an encouraging start, a more sophisticated management program is required which should combine a sustainable harvesting with a biological conservation program to protect the genetic variation of A. Search by size, origins, color, cultural needs, etc. Thus, this outcrossing system apparently plays a relevant role to prevent the accumulation of inbreeding, even when the population sizes are reduced.

Marca Negra Dobadan 11 reviews. agaave

Some of these mezcals that use the term Papalote for Tobala will clarify that it is Papalote Potatorum Potatorum is the scientific name for Tobala. Low Water Needs Winter Hardiness: Send us an email.

Two ayave of electrode and gel buffers, and seven enzymes with good resolution were used. Genetic variation, differentiation and inbreeding estimates. It is a nice garden plant and is suitable for container gardening.


Agave Species, Dwarf Cowhorn, Century Plant, Maguey

Ledig F T The conservation of diversity in forest trees. Haldane J B S An exact test for randomness of mating.

Franco from British Columbia. Thus, in order to designate A. Mexico North America Evergreen: Del Maguey Chichicapa 25 reviews. The numbers of loci and alleles genetically controlling the enzyme activity were inferred from the observed banding patterns and from data on quaternary structure Wendel and Weeden, Millar C I, W J Libby Strategies for conserving clinal, ecotypic, and disjunct population diversity in widespread species.

Gels were electrophoresed at 60 mA for 7 to 8 h. Floral characteristics, visitors and fecundity. Real Minero Largo 9 reviews. However, to our present knowledge there are no previously published studies of the genetic variability of A.

Nei M The theory of genetic distance and evolution of human races. The name Papalote, however, is also used in some other regions like parts cupreaat Puebla, for example for Tobala, which is very similar in shape and physical structure to Cupreata, but much smaller. Agave cupreata Dwarf Cowhorn A medium sized non-suckering Agave that grows to 1 to 2 feet tall by 2 to 3 feet wide with broad pale green agae that have dark copper colored spines on large mammilate protrusions teats along the slightly wavy margins.

Why and how should genes be conserved? Pacific Southwest Forest and Range xperiment Station. This value is very large, as a result of the very large average heterozygosity value.


Genetic variation patterns in coastal populations. The groups of individual plants represented by the samples are termed populations while the location where a population was collected is called provenance. On this regard, although the recent establishment of commercial plantations of A.

In general, high levels of expected heterozygosity H e were observed, and high genetic differentiation among populations F ST or G ST in one case, and medium to low in most cases, has been documented: Cupreata Agave Cupreata is found widely on mountain slopes of the Rio Balsas basin in the Mexican states of Michoacan and Guerrero at elevations of 1, meters.

This can be related to the mating system of A.

Agave cupreata at San Marcos Growers

This result should be taken with caution because we used only 9 loci; there is a possibility that by examining a larger number of loci the estimated heterozygosity could be lower, if by chance our sample could be biassed. It can, however, be found elsewhere but not typically in as much abundance.

A sustainable management program of A. Despite the heavy exploitation pressure to which A. System C Stuber et al.