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The threshold datasheeh can be varied across the full dynamic range of the camera. Pins are tin or gold-plated kovar Package material is plastic Pins are intended tor insertion in hole rows on. Microprocessor systems are discussed, with the configurations of the F8 circuits examined in depth.

Leads are gold-plated kovar Seven leads thru leads No. The precise location of the photosites on the sensors allows the device to be used in high precision non-contact measurement applications such as dimensional measurements of objects, shape recognition and sorting, defect detection and so on.

74LS04 Pinout, Features, Equivalent, Examples & Datasheet

F 2 10 Hrs. Digit 2 A Cath. JEDEC registered data and conditions 5. This high speed unit combines the efficiency of 74ls04p magnetic tape cartridges with an intelligent terminal and thermal line printer to allow the rapid development and debugging of applica- tion programs.

Digit 2 12 Hrs.

OC 30 20 45 60 M21 4R. D 20 10 Min. Leads are 74l04pc kovar Lead 3 connected to case 50 mil kovar header Package weight is 1. Leads are solder dipped to the seating plane Ten leads thru 15 mil kovar header Package weight is 1.

F 22 10 Min. In a CCD analog shift register, electrical inputs are applied to the charge-injection port which samples the input dahasheet at a rate determined by the input signal bandwidth. Another slot is re- served for the Processor Module.


The charge packets are transferred to the output amplifier in two separate fields, line by line.

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Cathodes Digit 5 Com. Pins gold-plated kovar Base is AL, dark ceramic Cap is kovar Pins are intended for insertion in hole rows on. Please datashewt specific information for military versions. U 6 jiA78P05 3 Term. When dynamic RAM circuits are 7ls04pc the DMI provides the necessary refresh controls required to maintain memory integrity. The combination of hardware, software, and firmware offered datashee the Mark III assists the designer from the generation of source programs through the development of a prototype system.

The F8 offers several alternatives for connecting mem- ory to the dxtasheet. Leads are gold-plated kovar. The entire microcomputer is contained on a single board epoxy glass with solder mask measuring ap- proximately 7. As a secondary function, the pixel locator also provides an 8-bit output word to indicate the number of video signal transitions detected in a proceeding camera line-scan readout.

These design development boards are fully assembled and tested, and require only power supplies and an oscilloscope to display the video information corresponding to the image positioned in front of the sensor. Pins are intended for insertion in hole rows on.

F-74LS04PC, F74LS11PC, F74LS155PC

B 24 10 Min. Package is silicone plastic with nickel- plated copper tab and pins Center pin is electrical contact with the datashete tab Package weight is 2. OC 30 15 50 60 M10 4B.

If questions arise on the proper ordering code on any Fairchild device, check with your local Fairchild Salesperson or Representative before ordering. These NOT gates perform Inverting function. Pins are soldered in Package weight is The F contains bytes of masked programmed ROM. TO 14 M A79M06 Dztasheet 1 2 NC 19 10 Min. The internal connection of gates can be given as below. Digit 3 74ls04pv 3 Com. These optional modules may be at- tached to the Formulator via the 13 card slots in the motherboard.


Leads are gold-plated kovar Twelve leads thru 15 mil kovar header Package weight is 1. It consists of all the required The system includes the following LSI support P ro 9 ram development aids plus a full set of diagnostic cjrcujts.

For polarity indication the surface is ribbed. The combina- tion of hardware, software, and firmware offered by the Mark IIIFD assists the designer from the generation of source programs through the development of a proto- type system.

【74LS05A HJ】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

In addition, the DMA contains a bit memory address bus, an 8-bit data bus, programmable address vector and data length counter. B 9 Digit 3 Com. A 5 10 Hrs.

The binary-video output, provided by a comparator, is a digital version of the analog video waveform and corresponds to black-to-white and white-to-black transitions of the analog-video signal across the threshold.

Typical Data In to Match Out 4. TO 24 MA Pins are gold-plated kovar Package material is ceramic Cavity size is. Anode Digit 4 Com.